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Yet another photo of the masons on Stronsay
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Yet another photo of the masons on Stronsay

Dad (William John Jolly) right in the front of this photo. Donnie Bertrum at his left. Wonder what kind of a car this would be?
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Picture added on 05 December 2008
I don't think it is Donnie Bertram, looks more like Mr. Flett of PC Flett Ironmongers, Albert St. Behind him it looks like Tommy Drever, he drove the bus from Kirkwall to Stromness for many years.
Added by David Tullock on 05 December 2008
Yes David you are right - Mr Flett and Tommy Drever. Funny how the old memory works when the right answers are given. Thanks. I'll write it on the back of the photo. Could the car be an Armstrong Siddley?
Added by Barbara on 06 December 2008
The gentleman marching behind Sinclair is the late Dennis Bews. He came from Stronsay
Added by Liz Firth on 08 December 2008
Is that Ernie Fiddler 2nd from back on this side. Kinda looks like him.
Added by William Watters on 09 December 2008
The Gentleman directly behind Tommy Drever is the late Dennis Bews
who was a Stronsay man, and worked at Tait's Garage as a Driver.
Added by Ian s. Carter on 09 December 2008
Ernie Fiddler is on Dennis Bews's rignt hand side
Added by Liz Firth on 09 December 2008
The car is a Morris and has a 1937 Durham registration. It looks like one of the larger models, a 14, 16 or 18 maybe.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 09 December 2008
See that Morris 14 or 16, I can mind Sammy Doull hid wan jist like it. He wanse took the dentist's caravan roond tae the sooth side school tae sort oot whur teeth.
Weel Sammy wiz aye in a bit o a skitter, so when he came roond the corner intae the playgrund he did no allow furr the caravan and took the dyke doon and the caravan wiz all ruckeled on the side.
But I think wae still hid to go intae hid fur the treatment. Sammy niver towed it after that I think he was found to be 'Not fit for Purpose'!!
Added by John Budge on 10 December 2008
Barbara, I was going to say that if you wanted to see a picture of an Armstrong Siddeley, you should look on the Orkney Vintage Club page on Orkney Communities, but it's gone! It was a picture of three wedding cars on the Kirk Green about 1945 belonging to Allan's car hirers. The Armstrong subsequently belonged to my father and uncle when they did hiring and after that ended its days in Longhope. Perhaps some nice person could post the picture on here...
Added by Paul Sutherland on 13 December 2008
Albert Clarke had an Armstrong Siddely at Mill Bay Lyness, Alan Smith had it after Albert and he re-engined it with a Ferguson tractor engine.
If I mind right it was maroon with a black top.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 16 December 2008
I think the name of the Longhope man my father sold his Armstrong to was Smith, but I'm not sure of the first name, maybe Jock? I know it was painted black and was a seven-seater with occasional seats and a division behind the driver. By the time it reached Longhope it had no petrol. Someone in Stromness had apparently syphoned it all out before the car was loaded on the boat!
Added by Paul Sutherland on 17 December 2008
Stewart is that the car the wheels used to fall off, and old Wullie said to Alan a wheel has jist passed us by and Alan said yes its ours yae damn fool!!
Added by John Budge on 18 December 2008
I cannot remember Jock Smith with a black Armstrong. He did have a big Talbot with a division and pre-select gearbox.
Yes John, that was the one Allan said to the old man "that made you move", the reply was "how could I move", there were that many b****y folk in it.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 19 December 2008
Did the late Jimmy Wylie, Mabel's dad have an Armstrong Siddley? I have memories of the remains of it lying behind the Power Station at Lyness
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 19 December 2008
Paul I kin mind that car noo that you mention it. There was a glass screen atween the driver and the back seats and I think there wiz a speakan pipe that went from beside the driver tae the back.
I dont think Jock ran that car for long and must hiv sold her out o the island again.
That must hiv been in the mid fifties or earlier can anyone remember?.
Added by John Budge on 19 December 2008
There was a fair bit of torture went on in that caravan John. I never seemed to get enough local anesthetic and the pain getting fillings was unbearable.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 21 December 2008
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