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Landward side of 'The Haven'
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Picture added on 25 November 2008
I remember the boat in the pic coming to the longhope regatta most years in the 1950's, was she called the Hood? maybe even built on Swona.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 25 November 2008
You are correct Jimmy the Hood aye came ower tae Longhope but hid wiz the Falcon that Jimmy Rosie sailed in the compititions, the Hood was their work boat.
Yes I understand both boats were built on Swona by the Rosie family. The Falcon she wiz a big dinghy and shae carried a lot o sail and Jimmy would hiv three or even fowar o a crew if hid wiz windy by hivens he could sail her. I mind being in a rescue boat at I think hid wiz the last regatta Jimmy was at here, in a gale o winn, Jimmy says stey near tae me buey I dont want tae end me days in Longhope bay!

A great guy I am proud to remember him.
Added by John Budge on 28 November 2008
According to John Findlay's book "A photographic portrait of Swona" Hood was based on a Stroma boat built by George Simpson in 1912 named Diligent. J Findlay doesn't say where Hood was built, but she has the design of a Stroma yole with an elliptic stern.
Added by Sheena Taylor on 07 March 2015
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