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Stronsay's silver darlings
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Stronsay's silver darlings

Stronsay's community band, aged fae 9 to 63
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Picture added on 21 November 2008
A peerie bit o Stronsay's history in the making today-their launch in the community centre was great!
Anonymous comment added on 23 November 2008
Lovely pic every one is sooooooooooo happy but what do u expect they're from Stronsay
Added by Samantha Thacker on 23 November 2008
Stronsay limpets are a cheery bunch right enough!
Added by Sheena Cooper on 26 November 2008
i grew up on Stronsay so probably ken the PARENTS o' most of this talented bunch!! NOT of the 63 year old I hasten to add tho!! Well Done its a FAB CD!!!
Added by MHARI HUNTER on 03 December 2008
Dus dat mak dee feel owld?
They are playing in the toon hall in Kirkwall on Saturday 13th Dec fae 12.30 to 2.30pm
Added by Sheena Cooper on 08 December 2008
Where can I buy your CD?
Added by Elizabeth McPartlin on 02 January 2009
Ther CD can be bowt fae Grooves in Kirkwall and fae Colin McAlpine, The Hill, Stronsay. Whit's all this "peerie" stuff Sheena ?. Hid's Peedie when you live in Stronsay !!
Added by Bill Miller on 04 January 2009
Available from C McAlpine, the Hill, Stronsay, cheques to "Stronsay's Silver Darlings", £12.99
Added by Sheena Cooper on 06 January 2009
Its still peerie when you come fae Shetland!
Added by Sheena Cooper on 07 January 2009
Still peerie when you come fae Flotta, too!
Added by Phyllis Gee on 07 January 2009
I have searched the website and can't find a place to order your CD on-line. I am in Canada. My wife was born in Shapinsay, Orkney Islands and what a treat it would be to give her this CD. How can I purchase one?

[You could persuade the Stronsay Silver Darlings to set up a Paypal account so you can pay through that, and so they can also put their CDs on eBay. There was also talk about having a Silver Darlings page on the Stronsay Development Trust website, hosted by Orkneycommunities. - Steven]
Added by Don Wood on 08 January 2009
Yes I think we'll have to set something up but at the moment can I suggest anyone wishing to buy a cd contacts Colin Macalpine, The Hill, Stronsay, Orkney, cheques payable to Stronsays silver darlings, £12.99. Thanks!
Added by Sheena Cooper on 09 January 2009
Stronsay homecoming weekend 18/19th July-see the Silver Darlings live!
Added by Sheena Cooper on 17 May 2009
Has nobody thought in telling us who these happy tallented Stronsay people are.
Added by Angus Main on 18 May 2009
Louise Stevenson, Leah Shearer, Sinead Cooper, Jacqui Smith, Jody Weaver, Alice Holland, Bob Tateson, Elaine Dennison, Sean Cooper, Gaynor Smith. front Keith Holland, Leanne Stout, Diane Smith, Lauren Caithness, Courtney Peace, lying doon Mike Holland, missing-Mairi Dennison, Janice Maxwell, Ishbel Borland. This is the group on the CD, we have some new members since then.
Anonymous comment added on 19 May 2009
Hope the names helped-I'll leave you to figure out the family history and who their parents and grandparents are! Maybe you can spot family resemblances!
Added by Sheena Cooper on 21 May 2009
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