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Isaac sutherland
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Isaac sutherland

Isaac Sutherland, Rackwick, Hoy. Isaac used to go down with his
barrow to the van which if I remember right came to Rackwick
on Wednesdays.
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Picture added on 29 October 2008
Old Querny as he was known was a hardy soul, spent most of his time searching the coast for Wrack. His house was called, Quernstone, so the name Querny came about.
His big day was when the van came to Rackwick and I think you are correct it was a Wednesday, sometimes Querny would tramp to the end of the Rackwick road as by the end of a week his errands, would be finished and he would get the van sooner.
As can be seen Querny, did not live life by other peoples standards but never needed help and did not rely on state aid. He sold aluminum buoys found on the beach and other ways to earn his way, and remember his coastline was about the most inhospitable to be found around Britain! In his younger days it was said he was as sure footed as a mountain goat!!.
Life was far from easy for Querny, but it was the way he wanted to live and we must respect his memory, he harmed no one.

Added by John Budge on 01 November 2008
My god, Speak about making do. What a great way of life.
Added by Colin Mcbeath on 01 November 2008
Isaac sometimes walked over the hills from Rackwick to Groat's shop in Longhope, he loved a junk of cake and plenty black twist.
Billy Mowat used to give him a run home with his messages.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 01 November 2008
What a lot of interesting photos you are adding to this site.
Querny out in cyber space who would have thought that would ever be possible way back in 1965!
Added by Beryl Simpson on 02 November 2008
Didn't Querny die in the old County Home in Kirkwall? He is on our family tree somewhere.
Thought he died in the 80's but can't remember of hand.
Added by Jessie Mowat nee' sutherland on 01 July 2012
As far as I remember Dr Peace was the Dr (but maybe it was Dr Dunbar) when Querny died and dad got a call to go up to Rackwick with the County lorry ,for it was deep snow at the time. Not very dignified but his body was put in the back of the lorry. Dad was pulling my leg I think when he said that he could see Querny's hair blowing in the lorry mirror. I have a feeling it was the 1960's and I bet he wasn't as old as we thought. Us young folk back then had a habit of putting "old" before their name if they were 45+
Added by Beryl Simpson on 03 July 2012
Jessie, Querny was in the home for a time but I think he did return tae Rackwick before he died as I remember folk said his face shone when he came back fae the home!.
Dr Dunbar attended to Querny. Its a pity our past Doctors did not record the kind of people like Querny who must have enriched there medical out look on human life.
I looked at Quernstone after he died and was moved to tears as the humble dwelling was so poor, he had sheet iron over his bed to keep him dry and the place was full of shells from his diet which must have come mostly from the "Ebb" (sea shore).
Added by John Budge on 04 July 2012
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