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Tankerness House
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Tankerness House

A Dougie Cooper picture, September 1964. Tankerness House is looking a bit forlorn and in need of renovation here. What was it being used for at this time, i.e. what happened to it between being the Town House of the Baikies and the current museum?
Picture added on 26 April 2006
My grandfather [James Wishart born 1896] had a tailor's shop there before he moved to where the Black Pig Gallery is in Victoria Street. I think it was on the left side of the large arched doorway. There are old photos showing the shop with goods in the windows and a sign over the door.
Added by marion mcleod on 26 April 2006
The shop to the left of the archway was, in my time also occupied by Billo Wick the barber. Tankerness House itself was for a time the home of the late Col. Buchanan and his wife. This would have been in the early 1950's
Added by Peter Burges. on 27 April 2006
Another occupant of the house to the left of the arch was Mr Simon Dearness, Manager of Peaces Woodyard.
Added by Tom Scott on 27 April 2006
My Dad [Ernie Wishart] says he can remember when he was a child hanging around his father's tailors shop around the 1930s that Buchanan whom he thinks was a lawyer had rooms down the archway and through a door on the right. He could also remember Mr Baikie arriving regularly in a pony & gig to stay for some days in his town house and that a Mr Turfus of Weethic, Tankerness drove the gig. Later Mr Baikie was driven by a chaffeur in his car to his town house.
Added by marion mcleod on 29 April 2006
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