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Kirkwall Grammar School 1948 or 1949
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Kirkwall Grammar School 1948 or 1949

Ken writes:

'The attached photo shows pupils in either top Primary Class (Mr. Potter) or First Year Secondary School at Kirkwall Grammar School, School Place in either 1948 or 1949. The only names I can recollect are shown below, perhaps someone can fill in the blanks?

Back Row Boys l to r: 1- Louis Macdonald, 4-Logan Haddon, 7-Norman Reid?

Third Row Boys l to r: 2-Nathanial Johnstone, 5-Kenneth Anderson (me), 12-Garson Shearer.

Second Row Girls l to r: 5-Jean?, 6-Mary Harcus?

Front Row Girls l to r: 5- Margaret Marwick, 6- Jean Johnston, 7-Morag MacGilvery, 11-Alison Argo'

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Picture added on 12 April 2006
Third row, first in line is my dad, David Campbell.
Added by Lynn Campbell on 16 April 2006
Few names to help complete the list of pupils in picture 1449, year 1948

Top row 5 Hughie Macgillvery, 6 M Steven 7 Garry Corsie, 8 Walker, 10 C Baikie

row 2 3 Tommy Hourston, 4 James Rendall, 6 E Rendall 7 David Hibbart, 8 George Gardens, 9 Bain

Row 3 Barry Gorn 3 Audrey Kemp 4 Barbara Baillie, 5 Vira Stephen, 6 Mary Harcus, 7 Marwick, 8 Molly Herdman, 9 Maureen Cromarty, 10 Lena Baikie, 11 Jean Johnston, 12 Ruth Falkoner, 13 Garson Shearer

Front row 1 Eunice Sinclair, 3 May Sutherland, 4 Johnston, 6 Jean Mowat 8 Jean Macarrie, 10 Sutherland
Added by NORMA CRAIGIE on 21 August 2006
Row 2 No 6 not E Rendall but Jackie Rendall
Top Row No 10 not C Baikie but James Baikie
Added by Edwin Rendall on 02 March 2007
Wow, that's amazing seeing this old photo of my late father - Tommy Hourston! Thanks for posting it Ken and to Norma for pointing out my father - I hope you're well Norma!
Added by Neil Hourston on 06 August 2007
I suspect this is top primary class (Mr Taylor). because row 2 no9 is Billy Groundwater, and he moved to Stromness before high school. I am ashamed that I can't identify more people, especially as I have a copy of this photo, and we had a reunion in 1997!
Added by Morag Robinson (MacGillivray) on 11 August 2007
I noticed my Aunty May Sutherland as she was before she married Bert Bruce. She was very bonny then.
Added by James Sutherland on 07 February 2009
This picture shows Primary 7 (or8), taken in early 1948. I can remember most of the boys by name, but only a few of the girls (although the faces are all familiar). My memory says:
Top row, L-R; Louis Macdonald, Norman Reid, Raymond Brass, Logan Hadden, Hughie McGillivray, Matty Steven, Gary Corsie, Davie Walker, Michael Edwards, Jim Baikie
Second row, L-R: Davie Campbell, Nattie Johnston, Tommy Hourston, Jim Rendall, Kenny Anderson, Jack Rendall, David Hibbert, George Gardiner, Ernie Bain, Billy Groundwater, Arnie Tait, with Garson Shearer at the R end of row 3
Third row: Barry Gorn, ?, ?, ? Vira Stephen, Mary Harcus, ?, Molly Herdman, Maureen Cromarty, Lena Baikie, Jean Johnston, ?
Bottom Row: Eunice Sinclair, ?, May Sutherland, ?, ?, ?, Morag McGillivray, ?, Jean ? (now Jean Gibson), ?, Alison Argo

Added by Bill Groundwater on 28 August 2009
hilda johnston no 4
Anonymous comment added on 25 February 2013
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