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43 Albert Street
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43 Albert Street

43 Albert Street, Kirkwall. This old house shows signs of serious subsidence.
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Picture added on 23 September 2008
The Ivy house. The wall has been covered with an oily substance with bird seed on top of it to stop us locals congregating there like we have since the day dot. I understand the need to move on the noisy disruptive ones but isnt this taking things too far. It looks an absolute mess and people are commenting on how disgusting it looks. What if you dont know its there and lean on it. Who foots the bill for ruined clothes. I think this mess is a disgrace on our lovely street and it should be cleaned up.
Added by Complainer on 27 September 2008
Yes, I saw this mess along the wall to-day and thought someone had been sick along it !!
Added by Ian Cameron on 27 September 2008
A grand job for all those folk that get community service orders from the courts and end up getting off with doing nothing.
Added by Clean up the Streets. on 28 September 2008
I would think it won't only encourage birds to try and eat it but vermin aswell - a case for the environmental health department of the Council.
Added by D on 29 September 2008
Isn't it the folk that get community service orders that they're trying to stop from gathering there?
Added by A.R. on 29 September 2008
the woman south who owns ivy house doesn't seem to care at all.... we will loose a part of kirkwalls history and the council don't seem bothered.... its a listed building they have the power to make the owner do the work but they don't.
Added by Belle on 01 October 2008
I've heard it said that this is the owldest hoose in the toon but I don't ken if that's right.
Added by Kevin Wooldrage on 02 October 2008
Oh dear, how sad!!
Added by Hazel on 07 October 2008
It's a question, not a comment. Does anyone Know if this house was ever an orphanage? ----I'm talking about a long time ago
Added by Liz Forrest on 23 December 2008
I think the oily mess on the wall is terrible, can't the owner be prosecuted? Was it her wall or the OIC's? It needs to be cleaned up soon, its a terrible site for all our visitors and us locals who have fond memories of the wall.
Added by Jane Glue on 10 June 2009
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