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orkney sailing club pier committee
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orkney sailing club pier committee

Deciding the winner of the next race.
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Picture added on 10 September 2008
May be Dr Peace on the left and then, can't remember his name, but I think he was a dentist or worked at the dentist.
Added by Sum Teeik on 10 September 2008
The man to the right of Dr Peace is Nonnie Schollie who was a dental technician.
Anonymous comment added on 11 September 2008
sid peace, willick schollay, jeck ?, davy wooldridge
Added by John Schollay on 11 September 2008
The man next to Dr Peace is Willick Schollay father of the contributor of the picture. He was a dental technician for Bruce Dunnet.
Added by David Tullock on 11 September 2008
2nd left, Willie Scollay and far right Johnny Findlay.
Added by William Watters on 11 September 2008
I think his name was Mr Scollay (or Scollie), he was a dental engineer and keen member of the sailing club.
Added by S Taylor. on 11 September 2008
Far right looks like the late Johnny Findlay
Added by Wullie on 12 September 2008
What a great, natural picture. I remember the man second from left who looks as though he is in full flow about some matter, given the attention he is getting. His name, frustratingly, is hovering just out of reach of my mind. I think he lived near the top of Quoybanks Crescent, Kirkwall. A fine, modest man as I recall. With a brilliant head of sticking up hair. Dr Peace is a man of some legend. What a great character. I think he whacked me into life in the Balfour in 1960, after my forceps birth. He didn't muck about, just got on with things. But for fate, I think he could well have been on the Longhope lifeboat on that dreadful day in 1969. It would be great to know who the other two gents in this picture are too.
Added by Michael Reid on 12 September 2008
From the left: Dr Sidney Peace, Willie Schollay, Bews man, don`t know
Added by Breaker on 13 September 2008
Don't think it was sailing club committee members but it could be.....Dr Sidney Peace... ? Scollie... Jackie Laughton/Deerness... Johnny Findlay/Kirkwall
Added by Anon on 13 September 2008
It's Doc Sid on the far left for sure. Next is John Schollay's Dad who did indeed work making false teeth at the dentists.
Added by Whassigo on 14 September 2008
Doctor Peace was the doctor in Longhope in the late 50' and 60's, he even pulled out some of my mum's teeth when she was in agony with toothache!
Added by Beryl Simpson on 14 September 2008
I've heard of people growing up to look like their parent but i hope I didn't look so mature in 1980.
Willie Watters may be right noo I luk at it again, I'm no sure, I thought Johnny was taller.
Added by John Schollay on 14 September 2008
I thought it might be Davie Wooldrage on the far right but he died in 1976. Unless the date's out?
Added by Kevin Wooldrage on 15 September 2008
the date could easily be several years out, its between 70 and 80 i think
Added by John Schollay on 15 September 2008
Dr Sidney Peace speaking to Willick Schollay (Uppie Men's Ba Winner Christmas Day 1947), Jeck Sinclair?(certainly not Peesto Bews)and Johnny Findlay. When I started sailing with the Sea Cadets in 1972, the OSC starting committee was Messrs Schollay and Sinclair, Johnny Findlay joined the team later due to large number of boats taking part in the points racing every Tues and Thursday. I would guess about 1978 - 1980, Sinclair man may have passed away soon after and Sandy Firth joined the team. Willick was famous for mode of transport - a "Trotter's Independent Trading" special - Reliant Robin. But as a peedie boy growing up in Quoybanks Cres Willick had a motorbike and sidecar.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 15 September 2008
Ta raymond, you're probably aboot 100 per cent right. I cant be sure as i was away from orkney for most of the time in the 70s.
Added by John Schollay on 15 September 2008
The man on the far right is Johnny Findlay - My Late Grandad - I've seen this picture before a long time ago.

Added by Clinton Findlay on 17 September 2008
Definitely Jeck Sinclair.
Added by Fred Grieve on 17 September 2008
Super photo. Johnny Findlay - was he not a builder with his brother Archie? He was a friend of my dads and a very nice chap at that.
When I was peedie I used to play on my green bike in Burn Lane. I used to go up the wee lane towards the Pomona café and meet Mr Scollay on his way to or from work. He always spoke to me. Now for the life of me I can't mind on the name of that lane where Bruce Dunnet had his surgery. David Odie lived in the lane and used to push me on his kart. Mum can't mind on the name either but she thinks Bruce's place is now a hair dresser. Can anyone help please. I'd love to see a photo of that lane looking down to Burn Lane.
I also remember the bike and sidecar belonging to Mr Scollay. It was a real treat to see it in those days.
Added by Barbara on 19 September 2008
Its now called Dunnets Close
Added by Kirkwallian on 20 September 2008
That lane is now called "Dunnet's Close" although I don't think it was called that when I was a peedie boy in the 1960's. Strangely the hairdressers and the bridal shop that are down the lane have both their addresses as 11 Albert Street.
Added by Whassigo on 21 September 2008
Thank you for the name of the lane/close. Goodness - is it called after Bruce Dunnet or is there another story to this?
Added by Barbara on 22 September 2008
If I remember right the whole close was known as 11 Albert St. I think Charlies Cafe was 9 Albert st. but i cant remember if henry the toon clerk on charlies side and oddies on dunnetts side had seperate numbers. The close followed the line of the pavement thats there now and came out into the burn lane through a gate. willicks motor bike was a bsa golden flash. it went to the north isles after he sold it.(i think it was a 1953 model)
Added by John Schollay on 22 September 2008
the 1st dentist there was Bruce's father Dave. Dunnetts were originally in the building across the close where Charlie Celli started the Pomona Cafe.
Added by John Schollay on 23 September 2008
All the houses in the lane were number 11 - no end of confusion for the postmen! In the 70's I lived in the end house on Charlie's side, the Oddies had the end house on the opposite side next to the dentist.
Added by Kenny Bichan on 24 September 2008
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