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John Schollay

elderly norwegian visitor old style yacht at pier june 2008.
Gan tae work in stromness. Something to do on a bonny day.
low tide in the basin like it says,- low tide in the basin.
Practice fire at Grimsetter 22/7/08. Theyre too good - all the spectacular flames were out before I switched the camera on.
Winding the elastic band. So thats how they get them in through the door.
Summer at last A summer day,in july? At scapa!
Flock of exotic migrants draws sightseers morris dancers? i would have thought their shoes would wear out before they got this far.
Big Work Boat In The Flow. She seemed to be working on a buoy. When i enlarged it I notice there seems to be a yacht in the bac...
High time Kirkwall got another pier. [Three liners at the Hatston Pier today... if you get three for Dounby Show there will liners to Sha...
Moonrise over scapa as a change from sunsets heres a moonrise about the 1st week of august.

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