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Orkney's Champion 1905
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Orkney's Champion 1905

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Picture added on 16 August 2008
I cant imagine this person on that bike, wouldn't reach the pedals, don't see any brakes on it either, if it has a backpedal brake he's in big trouble . LoL.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 16 August 2008
Too much cycling and no enough gardening lass? But well done; you were Orkney's champion.
Added by Sterlingstarling on 18 August 2008
Anyone have any idea where this is?
Added by Bruce on 19 August 2008
Er... we seem to be in some doubt as to whether this individual is male or female!

Answers on a postcard... :^S
Added by Alison Ritchie on 20 August 2008
By the dress style I would say female...but you never know?
Added by Marion Mcleod on 20 August 2008
Added by David Tullock on 20 August 2008
Sorry I started off being careful on this one and lapsed into refering to he, also my remark about a backpedal brake, it wouldn't have been invented still at that time, was this by any chance an Olympic gold medalist?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 20 August 2008
Na, shae's a lass. If shae'd been anything ither shae'd have been more famous than Skatehorn. Imagine. "Orkney's transvestite cyclist wins Olympic gold medal." Ah think wae'da herd be noo!
But that skirt and that crossbar. HOW?
Added by Sterlingstarling on 21 August 2008
The coat is buttoned up the girls' way. Taken in May or June, presumably, depending on the weather that year.
Added by Anna on 22 August 2008
In answer to Sterlingstarling "that's easy Side Saddle and use wan leg."
Added by Theorkneyman. on 25 August 2008
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