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Neil Isbister

Earl's Palace and Cathedral, Kirkwall A Leonard's Orkney Series postcard, posted from Finstown April 9, 1906.
The Harbour, Kirkwall A Valentines Series postcard posted in 1908.
Removing the large bell from the Cathedral A Tom Kent picture, date estimated.
Volunteer review, Kirkwall A Tom Kent picture, date estimated. Impressive how insubstantial the Ayre is.
Territorials marching to camp, 18/8/1911 A Tom Kent picture. Telegraph poles along the side of the road suggest that the phone has arrived.
Departure of Orkney Volunteers for camp, 20/6/1907 A Tom Kent postcard, Note all the Shore Street houses in the background that were destroyed to make ...
Valentines postcard of Kirkwall Date estimated. Kirkwall Pier certainly looks pretty minimalist, but new spire on the Cathedral, and...
Kirkwall from the West A coloured Tom Kent postcard, sent on 21st August 1905.
Albert Street, Kirkwall A VAlentines postcard, date estimated.
Broad Street, Kirkwall in the Olden Time A Tom Kent postcard, date estimated
Troops ex 'Traz-os-Mondes', Kirkwall A Tom Kent picture showing returning troops on 17th November 1918.
Palace Road and Dundas Crescent [First of a block of pictures from Neil Isbister that I scanned a while back but haven't uploaded ye...

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