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Vanishing Pavement (1)
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Vanishing Pavement (1)

At the Crafty car park entrance, Pickaquoy Road, Kirkwall.
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Picture added on 15 July 2008
There's even a drop kerb for us wheelchair users!!! Not much use to us though as you cannot go anywhere due to the pavement on the one side of the drop kerb peetering out at the tree and the pole for the IN sign stuck in the centre of the pavement on the other side of the drop kerb. Bit pointless having a drop kerb there. Plenty of other places that do need drop kerbs though!! I hate to think of any pedestrians walking along there and out into the road to get past that tree amongst the fast road traffic on that road.
Added by Marion Mcleod on 17 July 2008
Nice one Sandy....keep them coming. Pleasure to see some Orkney sunshine, not too much of it aboot this year.
Added by Peter Burges on 18 July 2008
Where is Health and Safety? Will it take an accident to get them involved ?
Added by G. Sinclair on 19 July 2008
To be fair, it is the vehicular traffic that is the problem. We could close this section of road and use West Tankerness Lane and West Castle Street instead. It is a nice tree.
Added by Sandy on 20 July 2008
See my further comment on the picture showing the view from the other side - picture #12878
Added by Marion Mcleod on 20 July 2008
Why do people walk on this side when there's a perfectly good pavement on the other side of the road?
Added by Cathleen on 20 July 2008
I'm with Cathleen... cross the road if you're worried (I do if the road is really busy... Yes, you have to cross back a peedie bit further on if you're going to the supermarkets, but it's not like it's a huge detour). It's lovely to see some greenery in the town, and it would be a shame to lose it.
Added by Alison Ritchie on 21 July 2008
There are individuals who can't or won't cross roads, especially busy ones and if they live on that side it's a fear or impossibility to get to the shops.
Added by Gordon Sinclair on 21 July 2008
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