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Off Lyness
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Off Lyness

I think this is the same photo as picture #9126.
Oljaren and Salvida?
Picture added on 06 April 2008
I don't think this is the "Oljaren" Looks more like one of WW11 Liberty ships, Funnel midship where tanker the funnel was aft. Just my thoughts

Added by John Simpson on 09 April 2008
Dont think this is the OLJAREN, think its more likely to be one of the liberty ships that came to grief in the Firth. The one it seems most likely to be would be the American cargo ship RUTGERS VICTORY that went aground on the pentland skerries in thick fog 17/06/53. Seen here with the Salveda and Metinda alongside, there is also another funnel in there I wonder if it belongs to the drifter Whirlpool. The two other ships are FORT LA PRAIRIE (BRITISH) June 1945 and the ART YOUNG (American) 12/ 06/ 45. Any more thoughts on this one? -----------Allan.
Added by Allan Besant on 10 April 2008
I think we can discount the " Art Young" I have a photo of her in front of me and her funnel looks to be a light colour and thinner than the one pictured. I remember the Longhope lifeboat going to her, but the Stroma men wouldn't let any of the crew on board. They threatened to cut the rope ladder which was hanging over the side if anybody attempted to board.
Added by Fred Johnston on 10 April 2008
I think the FORT LA PRAIRIE can olso be discounted because she also has a thinner funnel and it's further aft than this one, also she has only has one table top mast forrid whereas the one in this picture has two. She was piloted into Scapa Flow by a member of the lifeboat crew in the first instance and then moved to Longhope Bay later so she could be surveyed and temporary repairs carried out. She had a 30ft gash in her bottom inder her bows and holds 1 and 2 were flooded to a depth of 17 ft. She was on passage from Liverpool to Stavanger with 12,000 ton of general cargo when she struck. All three of Metal Industries vessels were involved as were their divers. Later she departed the flow bound for Belfast for extensive repairs to be carried out. Her agent while in Orkney was Mr Wm Jolly, shipbroker, Bridge St, Kirkwall. Information from old Orcadian reels Orkney Library and Archives. -------------Allan
Added by Allan Besant on 11 April 2008
My cousin Colin lived with me folk for a couple o years in the early fifties and he remembers the "Rutgers Victory" in Longhope bay for repairs.
Added by John Budge on 12 April 2008
I see the ship in this photo has no guns which suggests that it is peace time so would rule out earlier shipwrecks. As I suggested earlier this is not the FORT LA PRAIRIE as she was the Fort class with only one forrid mast and the funnel being further aft than this ship. THE Rutgers Victory has a raised focsl'e and Samson posts or vents right in front of the bridge so it's not her either. The ship in this pic has a main deck that runs from the stem to the stern the same as the ship that went ashore on the Swilkie- I think it has to be the American ship ART YOUNG that grounded on Stroma August 1947.
Added by Allan Besant on 14 April 2008
Thanks for all the comments. Please look at picture #10671.
Added by Barbara on 15 April 2008
Like Alan, I cannot now see how this can be any other ship than the "Art Young" despite my previous statement. I think, we can definately discount the "Fort La Prairie" and "Rutgers Victory". The "Charles D McIver", although a liberty ship of the same class, would have been fitted with guns. Three things concern me though. I'm pretty sure that one of the tugs alongside is the "Salveda" and she was not at the actual salvaging of the "Art Young", although she could have been there later. The funnel looks to be a different colour. The ships stern protuding beyond the bow of the "Salveda" does not look like the "Art Youngs". Could this be a seperate ship?. I think that we need the assistance of Walter Ross to fully solve this one.
Added by Fred Johnston on 15 April 2008
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