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Ewan Howe

RNAS Hatston (HMS Sparrowhawk) Pillbox RNAS Hatston (HMS Sparrowhawk) Pillbox, built by Royal Marines. February 15th 2019
Barrier number three Churchill Barrier three June 13th 1995
Diving boats alongside Inverlane Diving boats alongside Inverlane, March 26th 1993
Norcon Pillbox at Inganess Norcon Pillbox at Inganess, 2nd June 2017.
Juniata Blockship in 2018 Juniata Blockship in 2018. This ship was in Water Sound (Fourth Barrier) until 1949, when an attempt...
Papdale Halls of Residence under construction Papdale Halls of Residence under construction, 1969
Papdale Schools Papdale Primary School in foreground, Papdale Infant School just behind, and Papdale Halls of Reside...
Glaitness Primary School Glaitness School around 1979, looking near completion, if not pretty much complete.
SS Collingdoc The concrete wheelhouse of blockship, SS Collingdoc, Fourth Barrier, 17th February 2019. It appears ...
Inverlane Wreck Inverlane Wreck SS Inverlane Blockship after the storm. Date estimated about 1998
Scapa Distillery after the lum was taken down Scapa Distillery two days after the lum was taken down to make way for a brand new one. Taken on 23r...

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