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Brian Butler

Telephone exchange dinner see picture #38
Tollbooth date estimated It's a print stuck on cardboard,bottom right is printed "old town hall Kirkwall 4...
KGS class date estimated front left Christine Swanney(Butler)
telephone exchange girls Date..estimated On April 13 the girls walked from Kirkwall to Stromness,raising £310 towards spo...
1st Kirkwall Team date 1950 estimated
KGS Class kgs class 1945, date estimated
Rovers FC, 1930ish rovers fc 1930 date estimated Back row 2nd from left Jeck Swanney,father of the late Ian R.Swanne...
German battlecruiser Von der Tann German warship 1918 German b.c. Von der Tann passing through Hoxa boom From a postcard
Grimsetter, 1950ish Grimsetter 1950 date estimated
Mystery do A do, 1955 date, estimated front row 1st right Jocky Bews
German Fleet, 20th November 1918 the german fleet 1918
German fleet 1918 No 6 german fleet 1918 No 6 1918

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