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1st Kirkwall Team
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1st Kirkwall Team

date 1950 estimated
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Picture added on 02 December 2009 at 14:38
This is earlier than 1950 as by then the team were under the leadership of Jim Langskaill and Jim Scott
Added by David Partner on 26 May 2011
This photograph appears in David Tinch's book "The Shore and roond aboot", according to him it is "about 1940"
Added by Ian M Gibson on 26 May 2011
Is there no names for this Photo? I recognize quite a few people in the Photo.Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 26 May 2011
It's the 1st Kirkwall Lifeboy Team from 1942.

I know a lot of the first names but it would be good if someone could add them all. I'm sure Peter or Phil will have a good crack at it.

Back row (left to right) A.Zanre, M.Smith, Ian swanney, G.Newlands, A.Flett, J.Wylie, J.Kemp, N.Laughton, G.Peace.
2nd row: C.MacGillivary, D.Sinclair, J.Rosie, H.Shearer, R.Muir, J.Bews, B.Borwick, J.Scott, J.Flett.
3rd row: R.Miller, C.Hibbert, J.Maxwell, J.Donaldson, P.Stout, J.Firth, M.Dodd, G.Grant, J.Robertson, E.Moodie, S.Johnston.
4th row: D.Peace, J.Walker, T.Drever, M.Moncreiff, F.Fitch, G.Donaldson, A.McEwan, B.Dunnett.
5th row: C.Sutherland, D.Turfus, J.Sutherland, D.Tinch, W.Sinclair, J.Sinclair, B.Turfus, P.Burges, P.Baikie.
Front row: R.Bichan, T.Walker, I.Gray, O.Campbell, J.Gray, N.Laughton.
Added by Bruce Moar on 26 May 2011
This picture also appears as picture #14773 with full information
Added by Peter Burges on 27 May 2011
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