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Grant Leonard

Three wheeler Three wheeler, 1910 approx.
Finstown picnic, tug of war final Finstown picnic, 1912.
Machinery! 1900 or therabouts.
Naval funeral, Kirkwall Naval funeral, Kirkwall, 8/9/1910
Warriors Day 1921 Warriors day, 2/4/1921.
PO staff, Kirkwall, 1913 PO staff, Kirkwall, 1913.
Mystery ship 1930 ish maybe, no date or location on the back of this photograph, which has seen better days.
North School North School. 1930 maybe. [Where?]
Old car 1920 approx. The Golden Age of motoring, no safety glass, starter motors, or seatbelts.
Girls Guildry 1915 Girls Guildry 1915.'Knitting body belts for soldier laddies'.
Mystery place Mystery place.
Our Staple Industry 1916 ? The back of this postcard is blank.

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