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Old Orkney Team
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Old Orkney Team

Orkney team that travelled to play Caithness (I think). Can anyone remember the score?
Back row L: Jock Mears,Eion Rendall,Eric Kemp,Jim Donaldson,Walter Scott,Eddie Craigie,??,??.
Front row L: Ian Hutchison,Alton Tait,Russell Groundwater,Calvin Slater,Alan Findlay.
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Picture added on 02 March 2008
The player on the far right of the back row is Brian Sommereville
Added by Ian Gibson on 12 March 2008
This came up in conversation at work yesterday, what are the origins of Shetland playing in blue and Orkney playing in red when it comes to sports fixtures?
Does anyone know when and why?

Added by Craig Taylor on 13 March 2008
The gentleman on the right with the hat on is the late Sandy Aldie, who was the joiners foreman at Alexander Flett the builders, Kirkwall. My ex foreman.
Added by Ian S Carter on 19 January 2009
Hello All,

My name is Clare Bird and Jock Mears was my Great-Grandfather. Unfortunately, I never met him as he died before I was born in 1983. I have heard lots of stories over the years mainly from my Nan (Nancy Mears) and also my Father - Ken Bird (Jock's Grandson)

My lovely Nan (Nancy Mears) Also known as Nancy Bird or Agnes Mears sadly passed away last year and upon my Fathers recent trip to Orkney last week I have been inspired to find people who knew wither Jock or my Nan. My Nan and I were very close and although I heard stories from her Orkney life over the years I would be very interested to find out more. Any information would be fantastic. I have been in touch with Eddie Borwick who thinks Eric Kemp could help me more with Jock as he knew him well due to being on the football team!

I have since found out Jock used to work at the Cosmo Ballroom as a "Chucker Oout!" (I never knew the name of the hall previously) My Nan used to adore the dances and spoke of them fondly, I wonder if anyone had pictures or knew either of them from these days?

Thank You.

Added by Clare Bird on 03 June 2009
I stayed in the YMCA in Aberdeen in 1960 and I remember speaking to an Orkney boy who was passing through on his way home, he had been on trial with a well known football team. If my memory serves me right his name was Eric Hutchison could be a relation of the Ian Hutchison in this team?
Added by Angus Main on 06 June 2009
Eric is Ian's brother.
Eric played for the senior Orkney team on many occasions including 13 times against Shetland between 1959 and 1973.
You'll see Eric in picture #1564, picture #1571, picture #1579 & picture #2905.
Added by B.Moar on 09 June 2009
Thank you Bruce for that reply. I was in the YMCA in 1960 and part of 61. Not a bad piece of memory for an old guy like me, 49 years ago i can hardly mind yesterday. I wonder if Eric re-collects staying there and what team he was on trial with.?
Added by Angus Main on 10 June 2009
I knew Jock when he was a bouncer in the Cosmo

Added by Ken Foulis on 05 January 2013
I think we all did. He worked in the gas works. A big man.
Added by W Watters on 10 January 2013
Didn't we all along with Bert Grieve.
Added by W Watters on 15 January 2013
I remember when Jock worked at the Gas Works you could buy coke for half a crown a bag the bigger the sack you took in the more coke you got.Happy days.
Added by Colin Wylie on 16 January 2013
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