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 Salvage fleet
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Salvage fleet

These vessels would belong to Cox and Danks or Metal Industries. Date is again a guess. They also had the Tug FERRODANKS and another one called the LYNESS. They also had drifters, I believe they were called MONARCH and the MARY COWIE, to name but a couple.
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Picture added on 19 February 2008
They had three Tug boats that worked on the Scapa Flow wrecks - the other one was the SIDONIAN - I have just read the book - "the Man who bought a fleet". I am trying to find out which boat Robert Fawns worked on - he may have been the skipper - can anyone help!
Added by Tony Harper on 06 May 2010
Robert Fawns was skipper of the Bertha. She was the salvage boat. His family still live in Orkney. I have a painting of her on my wall.
Added by W Watters on 07 May 2010
The SIDONIAN is the third tug in this picture. The second one being the METINDA but there was also Metinda 2. 3. and 4 but that would be later Metals tugs, I think that Metinda 2 spent her latter years in Australia as the WILGA. Bob Fawns was indeed A tug skipper I think his tug was called the FERRODANKS hope this helps - Allan
Added by Allan Besant on 07 May 2010
I can mind owld folk saying how Mr Cox was heard shouting encouragement to his tugs when they were taking these Leviathon salvaged ships towards Lyness with only the above little tugs doing their best. Mr Ernest Cox was heard to shout "Come on "Lyness" pull like hell pull like hell"
Added by John Budge on 08 May 2010
I knew an Arthur Fawns that lived in Oban, I think he might have been a brother of Bob Fawns mentioned on here.. and think it was the Bertha that Bob was skipper off..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 09 May 2010
The Arthur Fawns you knew was a son of Bob Fawns, Think he was a light keeper or at least employed By the NLB and retired in OBAN.think Bob Fawns was on the boats that supplied the fleet wae water and stores running oot o Stromness in the first world war. Sandy Robertson told me that he was Skipper of the FERRODANKS there is also other evidence that would seem to back his story up this would be approx 1924.In the early thirties the concern was bought by Metal Industries who purchased a lot of new equipment including the newly fitted out BERTHA, (1934) Bob Fawns was her master and there is evidence that he was still master on her in a paper DATED Sept 9th 1939 it also states that he had been a salvageman for the past 16 years.
Added by Allan Besant on 11 May 2010
Norman Sutherland's father, Herbert, skippered the Salveda.
Added by Grant Leonard on 11 May 2010
Alan I have jist been scanan through yir fine owld info on all things tae do wae Lyness etc.

Noo wae seem tae be the owlder folk that anyane needan info turns tae. I tell you I get asked the strangest questions, a man asked me yesterday what temperature the oil needed to be for pumping to and from the tanks or to the ships at Lyness!!,I said I'll gae yae an answer bit it might not be the correct ane!!.
But the reason for this peedie note Alan is can you mind what Mr Barbour that had the rocket dingy wae Jimmy Wylie did at Lyness, somebody asked me twaa days ago and someen thought he was maby a diver??.
Added by John Budge on 06 June 2012
Alan aam a step ahead o yae fund oot today John Barbour was a Joiner at the base.
Added by John Budge on 10 June 2012
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