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Inverlaine (Inverlane?)
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Inverlaine (Inverlane?)

Andrew writes:
'There seems to be disagreement on the Internet about the spelling! This shot is from 1992, some years before the ship disappeared into Burra Sound, taken from the ferry to North Hoy - and what was her name?!'

The wreck used to sit on rocks at the western end of Graemsay for many years (when was it wrecked and how?) looking like the model for the wreck symbol on Admiralty charts.

Picture added on 01 July 2005
It was a blockship from the Second World War, originally it hit a mine somewhere about Newcastle (the remains of the stern are still there) but was towed up to Burra Sound. There are supposedly the remains of another couple of blockships in the sound as well. On the subject of the name, I've always seen it written Inverlane, but maybe this is wrong.
Added by Laurence J.E. Tait on 01 July 2005
The ferry was the Jessie Ellen, skipper Stevie Mowat, she did the summer runs to Hoy. (More passengers.) The smaller Scapa Ranger took over the run in the winter months.
Added by Ian Macdonald on 02 July 2005
Have a look at www.mvhalton.co.uk/text/burra.htm for a summary of the intentional sinkings in Burra Sound, it's a wonder you can't walk across from Hoy to Graemsay. Thanks to Ian for the name of the ferry.
Added by Andrew Heron on 04 July 2005
Did the Jessie Ellen belong to Jim Newlands at one time? I believe he used it for trips on Loch Ness. His father Bonnie Jock had the chip shop in Junction Road
Added by Erlend Stout on 27 December 2009
The Jessie Ellen belonged to JIM Newlands, she was named after his mother
Added by Mike M on 28 December 2009
There was a small passenger boat called the "Jessie Ellen" which belonged to Jimmy Newlands. Jimmy used her for passenger trips in the Caledonian Canal and she was named after his mother.
Added by Lex on 29 December 2009
I believe the Newlands family had this vessel built for doing trips on Loch Ness (would I be correct in saying she was built by Herd and McKenzie Buckie).

Jimmy's father must have been known by several bynames, in the town they called him Jock o Pickie-or fingerless Jock and now we hear him refered to as Bonny Jock- have you ever known anyone to have such acclaim!

We went to Jimmy's asistance one night with the Lifeboat. I spoke to him on the VHF and he asked my position on the crew, when told I was the mechanic he informed me I was no use to him as he wanted to talk to the top man, only the Coxwain would do for Jimmy!
Added by John Budge on 29 December 2009
Jimmy Newlands was my great great grandfather. I'm trying to find out as much information as possible about him. My family know him as Jock o Pickaquoy or Jock Newlands. I'm also trying to find out about Jessie Ellen Newlands who I thought was his wife, but the information posted on here seems to think it was his mother. Any help would be much appreciated.
Added by Lisa Jessie Ellen Macphee on 16 January 2012
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