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Drinking fountain
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Drinking fountain

Drinking fountain on the Clay Loan, pity it has lost it's top now.

[When did it go missing? And where are the other fountains that used to be at the top of the Clay Loan, The Bridge, near the Kiln Corner etc? - Steven]
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Picture added on 09 January 2008
Steven I see you spotted another in picture #6052, a postcard dated 1909
Added by Alan on 10 January 2008
On the subject of noticing things- Notice the card bit off the front of a 13 amp plug and the Embassy fag coupon at the bottom o' the fountain :oD
Added by Paul Groundwater on 11 January 2008
I remember in, I suppose, the early 80s seeing one of these which someone must have acquired as a souvenir. I think it may have been up the side of what is now the Chinese restaurant in Junction Road. I'm also starting to wonder if the late Bob Mackay had one outside his house in Pipersquoy Road, but I'm not sure.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 11 January 2008
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