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Although this not strictly a picture of Orkney it may be of interest in the light of recent tunnel/fixed link speculation, both for the North Isles and also the Pentland Firth.

It connects Sweden and Denmark, and is taken from the Sweden side.
Picture added on 22 February 2005
what an amazing piece of construction. It looks like something from the future. Perhaps it is...
Added by Ross on 22 March 2007
We crossed this bridge last year, words cannot describe along with the great belt brige which is 10 mile long, the scale of it, recommended!
Added by David Bruce on 16 July 2007
If you type "sweden and denmark bridge" into "google" and click "images" you will see more of this great construction. Time to move ahead and do the same with the islands in Orkney before more young folk leave to live on the mainland.
Anonymous comment added on 17 July 2007
The name of the bridge is the Øresund bridge. It has its own website osb.oeresundsbron.dk where lots more information can be found. Click on the Union flag if you need the English version
Added by Richard on 17 July 2007
Hmm, don't know if you can compare linking 2 countries with linking islands with populations in the low hundreds. Hefty toll on the Oresund link and it's a rail link as well. Don't expect anyone commuting from Eday to Kirkwall would want to pay £20 each way every day! A fantasy it will remain.
Added by Dave Smith on 17 July 2007
At about £12 return coach fare from Copenhagen to Malmo it is an unforgettable experience.
Added by Gerald Walker on 03 November 2009
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