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Aerial view of Scapa
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Aerial view of Scapa

A winter aerial view of Scapa.

How many of these suspicious looking bumps in the land contain archaelogical sites?

Hire your spades and brushes from orkneycommunities.co.uk...
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Picture added on 21 February 2005
Hi, I have ...I took this one and others when taking aerial shots between Christmas and New Year, as I remember, the day before there was a little snow cover and the day after it started to thaw and was raining, so for once I timed it right! I wil try and look them out....
Added by Craig Taylor on 21 February 2005
Great photo Craig. Got any more like this?
Added by Marion McLeod on 21 February 2005
The group of buildings on the extreme left is the Scapa Distillery. Just to the right of it is a Tumulus which was excavated about one hundred years ago so not much point it getting out spades and brushes for it. As kids we used to call it Picts Houses but it was probably more likely burial mounds. Lovely photo. The house at the head of the bay is where I was born.
Added by Tom Scott on 23 February 2005
What a great shot.
Looks like its taken at the north/south pole.

well done!
Added by Ross on 13 July 2007
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