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Entrance to Bridge Street
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Entrance to Bridge Street

Craig writes:
'Hi, I don't really know much about this photo other than it's Bridge Street- it says on the back " Crawfords shop-Balantynes shop, Flett and sons before reconstruction"

From Dougies Shearers collection.'

Date is an estimate.
Picture added on 01 February 2005
The shop premises situated at the foot of Bridge Street and now occupied by 'Focus on Orkney' were occupied by 'Crawford's Cafe' in the 1960's. Crawford's Cafe was owned and run by Mr Douglas Lloyd and family for many years.
Added by Rob Thomson on 28 July 2007
A few months ago I saw a postcard of Bridge Street franked 30th March 1906 on which the tall building third from the left was marked with a cross, the writer saying it had been pulled down and replaced by a large new building in which he worked. Is that the entrance to Anchor Close that we can see on this side of the building or was it and its arch on the other side?
Added by Paul Sutherland on 29 August 2007
The building with the 'bay windows' is now the Torvhaug.
Added by Bruce Gorie on 11 June 2023
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