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Amber Queen
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Amber Queen

This was a boat brought to Longhope by Jock Smith she had been sunk in the Thurso river and was in a mess. Jock worked on her getting help from Jimmy Wilson they rebuilt the engine and had it running like a clock.
The Amber Queen was owned by Alfie Sinclair at some time before. Jock sold her and was used by Tom Anderson for Lobster fishing on the north coast i think she sank around Whiten Head.
Any information please
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Picture added on 07 November 2007
mfv. Amber queen k259. Wonder if she then went to john cook for a time, then possibly robin dennison. Think some where along the line there was engine problems it was a kelvin that I mind in har. Then mibye jimmy mitchell who fitted a bigger wheel hoose on har, I think she then went to bill mainland who in turn sold her to big tom anderson. I was on her for the winter 68/69 fishing for lobster along the north coast and doon as far as kinlochbervie I left her April 1969 and it was a short time later that she sank off whiten head. Think this is correct but if no somebody will maybe ken.
Added by Allan Besant. on 09 November 2007
I mind on it was a Paxman engine that was in her I think they were one of the first engines available after the war I beleive the navy used them . Now that you mentioned it Alan, I can remember that it was Jake Cook that Jock sold here to.
Does anyone know where she was built,
she had very nice lines and I remember people saying she was a good sea boat Alan you would know.
Later Jock had another sein netter called the, Lattiea, he sold her and I think she was broken up for her engine but not to sure about where. Can you help
Added by John Budge on 10 November 2007
I remember being told as a boy that the 'Amber Queen' was an unlucky boat because a man was killed whilst she was being launched in Wick - I do not know the authenticity of that information.
Added by Rob Thomson on 10 November 2007
Mfv. Amber queen. Ky 15. wk 240 & k 259
built at bridlington for the admirality -- 1945. Loa. 46. 7" keel. 44 1" draft. 6 8". Alfred sinclair, I and j angus, j w smith. At this point does anybody have a picture of her after the new wheel house was fitted in the early sixties. Also john are you certain aboot the spelling of the lattiea as the only spelling I can find is leticia.hope this helps------------allan.
Added by Allan Besant. on 13 November 2007
Alan you ken that I wiz no good at spellan .The Leticia wiz a bigger boat than the Amber Queen, bit shae wiz by her best, bit hid a good engine in her I think she might hiv been INS reg.
Added by John Budge on 13 November 2007
Letitia was WK 321 and before that INS 70.
Added by William Macdonald. on 23 November 2007
You're right enough about the Paxman - that was in her when "Alfie" had her late 50s or 1960ish before he had the "Venture" K826 then the "Evelyn" K885 new from Arbroath in 1965. I remember the "Amber Queen" being owned by Robin Dennison and used to assist the "Iona" which was limited to carrying 12 passengers though I think he maybe had somebody working creels for him as well. Big Tom did indeed buy her from Billo Mainland and by that time she had a 4 cylinder 88hp Kelvin.
Added by W Mackay on 27 January 2008
Grand pictures John, I jist came upon a school photo, you will probably ken most oh the folk in it - picture #6506, South Walls school
Added by Keith Dempsey on 01 February 2008
Aye John, have a look at picture #7064 - is that the same Letita as Jock Smith owned ?
Added by Keith Dempsey on 01 February 2008
Iremember Ian o the Binks putting some new planks in her after Jock took her to Longhope, Ikee was good wae wid.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 01 February 2008
Anyone have a photo of the Girl Wilma owned by Billo Mainland ?
Added by Willie Macdonald. on 13 March 2008
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