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South Walls Primary School
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South Walls Primary School

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Picture added on 11 December 2007
Thats a picture of South walls school, I am a lot younger than this bunch, but I think 5th from the left on the back row is Billy Budge, 1st on the second row is Ida Groat, 3rd Ella Gunn, 9th Sheila Norquoy. Front row, 1st Jim Groat, 2nd John Budge, 7th/8th Isa Dunnet, Maggie Heddle?
Added by Keith Dempsey on 01 February 2008
The teachers are Mr and Mrs Robert Mack. They came to Shapinsay about 1958 and were in Hoy before that, which is where I think this must have been taken. Robert Mack became Director of Education after being in Shap.
Added by Marlene Mainland on 01 February 2008
Looks like South walls primary school circa 1956. Front row left looks like Jim Groat with John Budge next to him. Headmaster would have been Mr Mack.4th from rt font would be Isah Dunnet 4th from left middle row Lillian Groat and her brother David back row 2nd from rt
Added by Neil Groat on 01 February 2008
This is a photo I don't want to see as mee flys are open.
Added by John Budge on 01 February 2008
I agree it is South Walls Primary School and I think the pupils are as follows:
Back row from the left after Mr Mack are Donald Sutherland, Jimmy Baillie, Stuart Flett, Ronnie Sinclair, Andy Dunnet, David Groat and Robin Cooper. Middle row from the left Ida Groat, Greta Mack, Ella Gunn, Lilian Groat, Moira Craigie, Jessie Sutherland, Doreen Kirkpatrick, Norma Flett and Sheila Gunn and then Mrs Mack. Front row from the left Jim Groat, John Budge, Sylvia Cooper, Kathleen Simpson, Kathleen Kirkpatrick, Irene Flett, Isa Dunnet, Iris Baillie, Olive Learmonth and Robert Mack. I think it would be about 1956.
Added by Kathleen McFadyen (ne Kirkpatrick) on 02 February 2008
I think the year will be what you say Neil as John was in the class above me at school and I started the Easter of 1957 along with Anna Robertson, Kathleen Simpson, Kathleen Stout, Margaret Williamson and Robert Mack.
Fiona Pirie was just a month older than me but started in 1956, I don't see her in this photo so maybe it was taken before the August term started.
Iris Baillie third from the right at the front and her brother Jim third from the left in the back row, David Groat third right in the back row. The big boys who looked about 6 ft tall to us in those days were Andy Dunnet, Ronnie Sinclair and Stuart Flett. When the bus got stuck in the snow they put us up on their shoulders and got us to school. I think I see Ronnie and Andy in the photo at the back.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 03 February 2008
I'll try again-
Back Row Robert Mack James Sutherland James Baillie Billy Budge Ronnie Sinclair Andy Dunnet David Groat Donald Sutherland

Middle Ida Groat ? Ella Gunn Lillian Groat ? ? ? ? ? Sheila Gunn Mrs Mack
Front Jim Groat John Budge ? ? ? ? Isa Dunnet ? ? ?

Added by Neil Groat on 03 February 2008
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