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Boys Brigade (1st Kirkwall Coy)
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Boys Brigade (1st Kirkwall Coy)

The date is a guess.
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Picture added on 07 November 2007

Anonymous comment added on 30 December 1899
Year more likely to be 1955 or later as my father was Captain from 1955-1965. Front row L to R Jim Scott(Shoe Shop, then emigrated to Australia), Angus Findlater, Mrs Ruby Tullock (my grandmother), Bob Tullock (my father), Mrs Findlater (Angus's mother), Billy Wilson (still resident in Kirkwall), Sid Cooper. The picture was taken in The Victoria St. Hall. Some of the boys I think I can recognise are Ronald Muir, "Mosh" Marwick and "Lugsy" Hercus.
Added by David Tullock on 06 July 2008
Old age doesn't come alone. I was wrong with the dates, should have been 1951 till 1961. Sorry.
Added by David Tullock on 07 July 2008
Dave, I am in this photo. I left the school in 1954 and was not in the Boys Brigade at that time. I would say 1952/53.
Added by Sandy on 07 July 2008
I recognise quite a few although I may be wrong in naming some! Back row L/R - Tommy Bews, ?,?,?,?,Gordon Thompson, Sandy Windwick, Leslie Hibbert. 2nd Back row - Garson McGibbon, Alan Findlay, Pat Leslie, ?, Jacky Barnett, Mosh Marwick, Arnold Calder, Dimmy Kelday, James (Parrot) Learmonth.
2nd Front row - Cyril Harcus, Bobby Leslie, Mike Parkins, Cecil Sinclair, Dumpy Campbell, Ronnie Muir, Snipe Miller, ?, ?. Front row - Jim Scott, Angus Findlater, Mrs Tullock, Bob Tullock, Mrs Findlater, Billy Wilson, Sid Cooper.
Added by Mike Parkins on 18 August 2010
One or two more names,back row,2nd.left,Erland Firth,Lugsy Hercus,at the end of the row?its is not Leslie Hibbert,he was in the Cubs and Scouts. 2nd.row,left 2nd. in John Linklater,3rd.row,from the right,John Smith,Jim Maxwell,Peter(lugsy)Miller.Added by Phil Brough.
Anonymous comment added on 20 August 2010
Hi Mike, that's Peter Miller Snipe's older brother
in the 2nd front row.
Added by PRICE SINCLAIR on 21 August 2010
I think it's my uncle Colin Leslie on the left second back row.
Added by Sheila Reid on 22 August 2010
Would agree with Sandy in July 2008 on the date. John Linklater, Jackie Barnett, Pat Leslie, myself and others all went up from Lifeboys in September 1952. Think boy on extreme right of back row is Jimmie Thomson brother of Gordie

David Partner
Added by David Partner on 30 April 2011
Further research in the membership cards would suggest this was the xmas party in 1952. The guys will remember the cards had printed lists of officers, instructors, meeting nights, squads with boys names and addresses. Early in 1953 Erlend Firth left the company. Also Jim Scott went off to do national service early in 1953. One or two other boys in the photo were not in the company in session 1953/54. Don't remember Alan Findlay being in the BB. Boy between Pat Leslie and Jackie Barnett in 2nd back row is John Young. Think his father was a teacher. In 53/54 John was in Mrs Hay's lodging as I think his father might have been teaching in North Isles. Also seem to think Colin Leslie came into BB from Lifeboys in 53/54.
Added by David Partner on 06 May 2011
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