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Hitching stone
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Hitching stone

How many people have noticed this. It is a stone with a hole through it. The stone is built into the wall of the house and was used for hitching horses. It is situated at the corner of Laing St and King St. Kirkwall.
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Picture added on 18 October 2007
So thats its purpose.I have walked past this house hundreds of times and was aware that there was a stone sticking out of the wall but never gave it any more thought as to why it was there or what it was for. Very interesting .. was there old stables near buy or what?
Added by Kirkwallian on 18 October 2007
I have spotted this, and wondered what it was there for.

This site's great for trivia like this to drop into conversation and make you sound all intelligent...
Added by Alison Ritchie on 18 October 2007
The name of the house is Mounthoolie.
Added by Anon on 18 October 2007
Walked past there many times but never noticed that.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 19 October 2007
It'll be too late to start a myth that this is actually a fragment of the Odin Stone, and get people along there sealing deals and plighting troths I suppose?

Would that be an urban myth or a rural myth?
Added by Steven Heddle on 19 October 2007
Nah! Hid's a mythtake.
Added by Sandy on 19 October 2007
The original "Mounthoolie" house was on the corner of Albert Street and Albert Lane now known as Mounthoolie lane
Added by David Partner on 11 January 2016
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