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Closing Time for Phoenix Cinema
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Closing Time for Phoenix Cinema

This photo taken by Orkney Photographic shows Dougie Shearer officially performing the closing of the Phoenix Cinema Doors for the very last time. The date is Saturday November 28th 1998.
Picture added on 18 December 2004
What a sad sight, you can almost see the tears in Dougies eyes. To think my kids will not have a chance to experience the delights of a typical Saturday night in Kirkwall as I did. Having a laugh in the queue before the doors opened using every trick in the book to jump a few places, trying to get to the front so you could get first in the queue for the sweeties. Getting your favorite seats and eyeing up possible targets for the customary throwing of the polo mints before the lights went out. Afterwards reenacting the scenes of the action film on the way down to Bews chipper for a double pattie supper, then up the road to Meadowbank for a quick game of kick the can before getting shouted in by your mum.

I was quite lucky due to my grandfather, Jim MacFaull working as a steward for a time in the eighties allowing me to get in through the side door, I can still remember him coming home from a Saturday night flick cursing to my Nana of the stray sweeties that had hit him on the back of the head

Phoenix gone for ever, but lasting memories.

Added by Das Sutherland on 26 March 2007
Happy days eh Das? Still kids don't enjoy such simple delights these days.

Dougie Shearer and Billy Scollie have both gone to the great cinema in the sky too - although thank God we still have Kenny with us!
Added by Kathy Danby on 29 March 2007
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