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CB Hobbit Transformers
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CB Hobbit Transformers

Does anybody still have one of these. I bought them south from an electronics surplus shop.The were ex computer power supplies, 12v in those days . I boxed them for use with the cb's.
I remember one customer in particular,evey week he would ring me with yet another reason why I should sell him one much cheaper than everyone else. He wore me down in the end and got it for next to nothing; who was that man?

none other than the Milky Bar Kid MBK Dave 'Radio oOrkney' Gray.
Picture added on 30 September 2007
I seem to remember Hobbit transformers "retailing" at £20 and after relentless pleeping I got one for £16. A Hobbit transformer was actually a bit of a status symbol (the iPod of the early 80's ??) so I was dead chuffed to get one. I've still got my President Veep but the transformer is long gone I'm afraid. This is MBK going down and gone. 10 10
Added by Whassigo on 01 October 2007
Kim Foden "Herald Printers" had mine along with my Uniden, Bet she's still got it Alan.
73's. Organ Grinder.
Added by Ron Greatrix on 03 October 2007
I sold mine to "Captain Birdseye" - those were great PSU's, very reliable.
Added by Al Hine on 15 March 2009
I got mine for £20 i want £4 back if MBK got his for £16.

Added by Jimmy Johnston on 17 March 2009
Those were the days. We used to sit on night shift up at the cheese factory with a DV27 bolted to an old bonnet and yap away for hours. The best fun was putting on a foreign accent and fooling all the boys who sat up Wideford Hill shouting CQDX CQDX CQDX.
Added by Whassigo on 19 March 2009
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