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P6E Kirkwall - 1971
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P6E Kirkwall - 1971

Back: Laurence Celli, Derek Thomson, Derek Harcus, Kenneth Adam, Alan Brough, Colin Anderson, Michael Firth, Colin Taylor, Bruce Flett

Middle: Brian Johnston, Mark Headley, Lorna Moffat, Alison Gibson, Shona McInnes, Muriel Drever, Arlene Gray, Yvonne Muir, Steven Rorie, Mrs Wylie

Front: Michael Reid, Colin Miller, David Allen, David Glass
Picture added on 11 November 2003
Michael Reid informs me they are:
Gillian Thain, Ruth Craigie, Eileen Sclater, Elaine Shearer, Yvonne Corsie, Jean Kent, Kristin Corse, Anne Wylie
Added by Steven Heddle on 11 November 2003
Who are the people sitting down?
Anonymous comment added on 11 November 2003
Mikes memory is as sharp as ever he could probably still name all Roy Woods songs, this is the "tragic year", three from this picture are no longer with us and I guess 12 from the year died before they were forty.
Added by Chris Nicolson on 11 November 2004
Three are no longer with us? Which ones would they be?
Added by Dave Glass on 02 December 2005
A blast from the past! this was the last class I taught at papdale before transferring to dounby. I have happy memories of them.
Added by Karen Esson (Fiddler then) on 25 March 2006
The following are no longer with us AFAIK

Derek Thomson (Tomper)
Laurence Celli
Yvonne Corsie

Was Ricky Thompson not in this class as well?

Added by Neil on 05 April 2006
That good looking lad David Tait must have moved to London by the time this was taken?
Added by Skald on 08 April 2006
Ricky was in my class Sweyn, although he may have been in another class earlier.I remember Ricky was the the first person in that year to swim a mile, "well done Freddy" said Mr MacInnes, to our great amusement.
Added by Chris on 10 April 2006
Mrs Wylie (teacher) introduced us "girls" to hockey. We played summer league in the same team here in Inverness - late 1970's early 80's.
Added by Kristine Hart (Corse) on 29 June 2006
I should have an older version of this class somewhere, I'll post it up if I find it
Added by David Glass on 31 March 2010
Sadly, Mrs Janet Wylie, (formerly Clouston) died recently,aged 59.
Added by Marlene Mainland on 03 April 2010
Hi Everyone!

That was my mum's first class. As Marlene just said mum died on 18th February after a long battle with cancer. Her 60th birthday would have been on 1st April. She kept teaching until her illness forced her to retire in 2009 and she always loved teaching.

I remember Kristine from living in Inverness and going to the hockey with mum.

I hope everyone is well and living life to the full. One of the last things mum said to me was "don't take anything for granted".


Conny Wylie
Added by Conny Wylie on 14 April 2010
Hi Connie
That was typical of your mum. She was a positive and warm hearted person and devoted to doing her best for her pupils. She was a good colleague, and I have fond memories of her. (I think she crocheted the waistcoat she is wearing in the photo. Always industrious!) You must miss her awfully.
Kind regards, Marlene
Added by Marlene Mainland on 17 April 2010
In 1972 I visited your school on an exchange visit from Edinburgh. I stayed with a family called Findlay but my exchange 'friend' was Yvonne Corsie who came to stay with us on two occassions. I revisited Kirkwall a few years later and stayed with the Corsies. I have many fond memories of the visit and the hospitality that I received.
Added by Hylda Harker nee Haggart on 17 May 2011
Remembering Kristine Corse and our jolly hockey days. We were so brutally competitive. It was so much fun! Fondly remembered from our school days.
Added by J Hibberd on 03 April 2015
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