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Kirkwall Primary School Primary 1 or Primary 2
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Kirkwall Primary School Primary 1 or Primary 2

Back: Andy Rendall, ?, Ruth Wylie, ?, Lorraine Tait, Donnie Moar, Maggie Donaldson, ?, ?, ?

Middle: Miss Fiddler, Stewart Pottinger, Janet Ross, Frank Campbell, ?, ?, Janette Rorie, David Foulis, ?, Tom Kirkpatrick, Catherine Wylie, Gary Harcus

Front: Sheena Nicolson, Tom Flett, Linda Laird, ?, Pat Stout, Alan Work, Marion Ritchie, Tommy Muir, Linda Williamson, Brian Hutcheon, Cathy Campbell, Neil Corsie
Picture added on 12 November 2003
All these school photo's are great a real trip down memory lane.

Added by Alan Craigie on 12 November 2003
I can add some of the names. sadly, I didn't write them on at the time! I thought I would remember them ll forever!!!
back row- after ruth wylie is david linklater. After mgt donaldson is stephen scollie and on the end is kevin bews.
middle - after frank is jill mcdiarmid, then george mckenzie. after david foulis is alison leslie.
front - missing name is richard brodie.
Added by Bertha Fiddler (teacher in the photo) on 20 November 2003
The wee one first on the left in the front is Shona
Nicholson not Sheena, as it is myself (haha) Great
to see all these faces agian.
Added by Shona Nicholson on 03 February 2004
This photo is of my brother David Linklater's class. I have a copy of it beside me with all the names written on. Further to Bertha Fiddler's message, missing names as follows: back row - 2nd left is Mervin Johnson, the girl 2nd from right is Susan Hurry. (Her brother Alan was in my class).
Added by Moira Cross (nee Linklater) on 03 February 2004
I'm quite certain that the David Foulis here is David Foulis, brother of John who, in my latter working days at Papdale, was our football coach and who works in Flotta. I think David is somewhere south now.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 17 August 2006
The David Foulis is actually Malcolm Foulis
Added by David Foulis on 17 August 2006
Would David Foulis not know if it were David Foulis????
Added by Anon on 18 August 2006
I would agree with bertha, i'm quite sure that the david foulis in this photo is david, malcolm is not in this photo. David went away some time ago.
Added by Shona Nicholson on 18 August 2006
PS Thanks, Shona. I well remember you too!!! With fondness!
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 20 August 2006
I think the Malcolm is from a different Foulis family. I taught that class for two years, and I am quite positive that the boy in question is David Foulis. He was the kind of pupil you would remember, believe me, in the kindest way! I even have tape recordings of him when he was in p2.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 20 August 2006
It is David Foulis, brother of John. Why does someone not ask John to confirm it.
Anonymous comment added on 21 August 2006
Bit of a shock seeing this on the internet! In a positive sense. Two corrections: girl between Stuart Pottinger and Frank Campbell (2nd row) is Jane, not Janet, Ross (ie me); it's John Muir rather than Tommy Muir in the front row. Tommy was a few years younger than John.
Added by Jane Harris (Née Ross) on 01 September 2006
yes it is David Foulis - brother of John - all above info from Bertha is correct - I wonder what she thinks of me!!!! David has been in London for a great number of years now
Added by John Foulis on 16 November 2006
Does any one know if the Lorraine Tait in the photograph would have gone on to work in an Aberdeen hotel in the early 1980s ?
Added by Isla Manson (nee Sandison) on 19 August 2012
One is definitely my Dad or one of his brothers. He is Merving Walls and if it is not him it’s Alec, Andy or Steven Walls.
They are second on the back row from the teacher.
Added by Haley Walls on 22 March 2020
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