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The Big Tree
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The Big Tree

The Big Tree, when it was bigger and more like a tree.

What were the shops then?
Picture added on 19 November 2004
MacDonalds the butchers was the shop on the right I think - it was one of those to the right of the tree.
Added by marion mcleod on 19 November 2004
Yes Marion, it is MacDonalds. Immediately behind the tree and obscured by it is my old school chum the late Wilfred Marr's "The Tree Studio" and beyond that is the British Linen Bank.
Added by Tom Scott on 22 November 2004
Shop behind the men having a blether is the "Tree Shop" as we called it, woman working in the shop was Mrs Cowie (Charlie Cowie her son worked for GPO telephones). Sometimes we went tae the Tree Shop fae KGS at break times when the Rocky was packed oot, tae get a Creamy Cookie or some other healthy treat. Well it was the Tree Shop or risk McRae's tongue in Liptons!
Added by Raymond Grieve on 26 January 2007
I'm sure my Grt. Uncle Geordie Morrison worked there in the Butchers, he lived at Mill Street at the time.
Added by Gordon J. Sinclair on 09 February 2007
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