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Sittan aboot in Kirkwall 1963/64
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Sittan aboot in Kirkwall 1963/64

Marion writes:
'Kirkwall circa 1963 to 1964 - names - ?, ?, Kathleen Euson [now McGinn], Colin Groundwater. Taken on low wall opposite DE Shoe shop in Albert Street'

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Picture added on 09 November 2004
Amazing photo. I think the guy at the left is Ian McDonald. He was in the year below me at KGS.

My mum was English teacher at KGS at that time (Doreen Buchan) and my dad was town clerk (Andrew Buchan).

It looks like they are smoking a joint, but back in those innocent days it was probably just a Woodbine bought in Costies Pavillion.

I now live in Singapore, but really quite miss Kirkwall and Orkney.

Added by Gillies Buchan on 29 November 2004
Remember you well Gillies and your Mum who taught me at school. I lived at the end of Victoria Street and you lived in Main Street, Kirkwall. I had thought the young lad on the left was Cormack to name but I could be wrong - so long ago! I cannot remember who the lad is with his head hidden but we were all just sitting on the low wall chatting and I took the photo. We weren't smoking so I don't know what Kathleen is taking from Colin - maybe a sweet or something. We were too innocent in those days and also didn't have the money to be smoking?????
Added by Marion McLeod on 30 November 2004
I think that the guy on the left is the late michael cormack
Added by Robert Milne on 24 June 2005
Yes, Michael Cormack is the lad on the left. I had a feeling it was Cormack but wasn't sure. Colin Groundwater, I believe, died earlier this year. Don't know about Roy though. Ruth married, her sister Inga is in Orkney at the moment and if I see her will pass on your message Gillies!
Added by marion mcleod on 28 June 2005
Whatever happened to Colin Groundwater and his younger brother Roy, who was in my class at KGS?

I hope all my classmates went on to happy and productive lives.
Added by Gillies Buchan on 28 June 2005
Not sure about Colin Marion but Roy, who was living in Thurso died late 2004.
Added by Ian Gibson on 22 June 2006
Colin now lives in Spain. Roy died Nov 15, 2003
Added by Joy Foubister - sister to Colin & Roy on 29 July 2012
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