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Wellington Street
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Wellington Street

Old buildings at the foot of Wellington Street.
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Picture added on 04 August 2007
I remember it with a roof and windows. The window on the corner was just the right angle to check your appearance before going into town. (Yes I did have a mirror at home)
Added by Moira on 01 September 2007
I was friends with a the Kelday family who lived in this house many years ago. I think Megan went to Australia
Added by NORMA CRAIGIE on 01 September 2007
My dad died in 1942, his last place he lived in was no. 6 Wellington Street. I visited there a few years ago for the first time. I was 3 years old when he died- I am now 70 and live in Australia. My dad's name was James Adams- any one who knew my dad i would love to hear from them. Bill Adams
Added by William Adams on 04 January 2009
Further comments to no 6 wellington street, the lady who occupied the house was Mary Kelday, and my dad James Adams boarded there when he was working in kirkwall
Added by William Adams on 09 January 2009
My grandad Allan, is researching Burghers Bay which was in this area, but has found very little information. Does anyone have any stories or information about this area. Who was Burgher?
Added by Craig Taylor on 09 January 2009
Hi Norma, Bill, I believe that Mary Kelday was my Grandmother! I have an Aunt called Megan who moved to Australia with her husband Doug Martin. Is this the same Megan Norma? My Dad's name was Ivan, did you know him too? He was born in 1931 and he joined the merchant navy and met my mother in London and settled in England, near Newmarket. I'd be very interested to know your recollections of them!
Added by Andrew Kelday on 26 October 2014
Mary Kelday and family lived at 8 Buttquoy Crescent in 1950s, my present address.
Added by Bob Kelday. on 29 October 2014
Hi Bob, yes I believe she lived there until she died in the early 1970s. Can I ask how long you have been there and were you related?
Added by Andrew Kelday on 05 November 2014
Mary Kelday was married to my fathers brother Bob snr. We have been here about 36 years.
Added by Bob Kelday. on 09 November 2014
And there is one other member of the family - Jimmie - always known as "Dimmie" who is the same age as me - 74 - and was in my Primary class. I have been back in touch with him over these last ten years. He lives in Middletown between Welshpool and Shrewsbury. And Bob is right - the Keldays lived in Buttquoy in the 1950's in the Wrennery before the Crescent was built.
Added by David Partner on 10 November 2014
Did Dimmie have a parrot that sat outside on a perch on bonnie days or am I dreaming?
Added by Gordon Hill on 12 November 2014
Hi Bob, was his name Sinclair? Hi David, yes, Dimmy is my Uncle!! I need to let him know that I have found this picture. Do you know if he lived here too? And did you know Ivan (my Dad)?
Added by Andrew Kelday on 13 November 2014
Siclair was his name. Dimmy lived here also Meagan and Ivan his nickname was Skipper I new him well.
Added by Bob Kelday. on 04 December 2014
Yes Gordon, they had a parrot. My Dad was in the merchant navy and he brought it back from Brazil I believe.
Added by Andrew Kelday on 06 December 2014
This does not have much to do with the original photo but there was Keldays at 6 Buttquoy at the same time Charlilie, Hilda, Rhoda and Billy
Added by Gordon Hill on 15 December 2014
Would they have been related to Mary Kelday do you know Gordon?
Added by Andrew Kelday on 10 January 2015
Mary Kelday,(Dimmie's mother) was a Cooper from Sanday. I don't know if she was related to 6 Buttquoy.
Added by Tommy G. on 27 October 2015
Looks like this is the location. The buildings are now gone.

Added by Stevie on 25 March 2021
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