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What ship? Does anybody ken? MV or HMS? Can't be SS - no lum. RNXS maybe?
I won't risk being keel hailed.
Picture added on 04 August 2007
Hmcc I believe!
Added by Theorkneyview on 06 August 2007
Hmrc (her majesty's revenue cutter) - customs patrol vessel.
Added by Rob Thomson on 06 August 2007
I think that this is the Customs and Excise cutter "Sentinel"
Added by Chris Irvine on 07 August 2007
'Sentinel' was an HM Customs and Excise cutter, one of two patrolling UK waters. During the early '90's - if memory serves me right - the other vessel was the 'Seeker'.
Added by David Dawson on 07 August 2007
The National Assets Register details five Revenue Cutters amongst the assets of HM Revenue & Customs which department was formed by the amalgamation of HM Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue. The names of the vessels are:
HMRCs Sentinel, Seeker, Vigilant, Valiant.
These are the current vessels bearing these names. Previous cutters also had these names.
Added by Rob Thomson on 08 August 2007
I missed one - 'Searcher'
Added by Rob Thomson on 10 August 2007
HMS Sentinel was a FIPV (Falkland Island Patrol Vessel) during the 1980s (I served aboard her in 1984). Her sister vessels on Patrol were HMS Sabre and HMS Schimitar. The ships became university squadron/training vessels after that. As far as I know, the Sentinel is now with Customs and Excise.
Added by Karl Webb on 30 November 2011
I was on there 1985 happy times but thought her sister ships were Guardian and Protector
Added by Andy Jelves on 03 January 2013
i was on her in 1985 thought her sister ships were gaurdian and protector loved this ship what a laugh
Added by Andy Jelves on 05 January 2013
mistake thought it looked sleek sentinal i was on was seaforth worrior and b4 that edda sun

Added by Andy Jelves on 09 January 2013
Andy, I stand corrected ;-) I was on the Sentinel with the booties, the other two were around, but confused the names as I've seen the three together (years later).
Added by Karl Webb on 10 January 2013
found a pic of all 3 off them on a Suzuki owners club site but cant get back on site 4got me pass word when were u on there I was 85 I think

Added by Andy Jelves on 26 October 2013
I took her to the Falklands in 84 was on for first commission, Good ship
Added by Jeff Hirst on 09 December 2013
I commanded her in 1984 as a Lieutenant. Sentinel was tasked with maintianing a presence around the islands coastal waters and detaching an embarked Royla Marine patrol ashore periodically. It also was involved in a number of interesting exercises with other participating units.
Added by Philip Sheldon on 06 October 2015
I was a Royal Marine on HMS Guardian in 1984, we actually got to go to South Georgia Jan 1985. The other FIPVs were Protector and Sentinel
Added by S Kane on 27 May 2016
Went to South Georgia 85 I think the booty's went ashore and shot a deer, each worst meat ever tuff as old boots. Try and get on the Suzuki owners club cracking picture of all 3 off them steaming together.
Added by Andy Jelves on 01 June 2016
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