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Old Legion- Notice
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Old Legion- Notice

One of a group of pictures taken by Andy Wylie and sent in by Alan Hale, who writes:

"This must be the original Legion, 1962 probably. They are such colourful characters I thought you might use [the pictures]. It seems to be a winners night for the Doubles cup. Where I have given a name, it has been written on the slide by Andy.

The notice in one of the pictures reads 'Will members PLEASE make the fullest possible use of ashtrays and not stub out their cigarettes on the floor and tables. This is a wooden building and by using the ashtrays the fire risk will be largely eliminated. Will members also PLEASE refrain from writing on and otherwise (disfigure) the table tops.'

Pipers features on display- Pipers makes you feel famous. Extra Export , Capstan Fags, Special Brew, 'Are you a schweppicure? ' enquires a poster. An old bakelite telephone (could make 100.00 on Ebay) Abbots Choice, Long John, White Horse, Cossack Vodka, Vat 69, Whyte& Mackays are some of the brands on display.'

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Picture added on 19 October 2004
Is that my old boss Jim Farquhar, 3rd from the right? He used to run the Department of Employment/Labout Exchange/Jobcentre [or one of the many name changes the Department had over the years]
Added by Marion McLeod on 19 October 2004
My Dad, Tom Drever (butcher for John T Flett) is second from the left
Added by Andrew Drever on 21 May 2006
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