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The March Hares
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The March Hares

The March Hares Dance Band. Norman Reid, Dod louttit, Jack Heddle, David Robertson, Harvey Groundwater,
Oliver Herdsman. Date is a guess. Photographer unknown - probably Dougie Shearer. Cosmo Ballroom
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Picture added on 08 July 2007
This was 1957 as far as I can remember.
Added by Harvey Groundwater. on 21 July 2007
This photo taken by J.W.Sinclair at our first dance...think it was 1957.
Added by Harvey Groundwater. on 21 July 2007
Fascinating picture of bygone days at the Cosmo. David Robertson was a linotype operator in the Orkney Herald when my father was a printer there. I seem to think he left Orkney.
Added by Fred Grieve on 20 August 2014
Hi Fred Good to see your comment on the March Hares.Yes indeed David Robertson did leave Orkney and ended up teaching music in London I think. You will be interested to know he returned to Orkney a few years ago. In his boyhood days he was a piper in the Kirkwall BB pipe band Do you remember the old days in the 1st Kirkwall. Cheers.
Added by David Partner on 18 September 2014
Thanks for the information on David Robertson, David. If you do see him, tell him I was asking for him - not that he'll remember me as I was gey peedie at that time. Oh I remember the BB days. Do you remember the Golspie camp?
Added by Fred Grieve on 03 October 2014
I mind Davie Robertson. He lived at Viewfield, Berstane Road. His clarinet was the first one I ever saw.
Added by Rognvald Spence on 06 July 2017
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