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Remembrance Day Parade
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Remembrance Day Parade

Royal british Legion members on parade
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Picture added on 04 July 2007
Can someone add a few names, I may remember them from school - but faces change in seventy odd years.
Added by Tom Scott on 06 July 2007
Bob Tullock, Freddy Gibson, Stuart Davidson, (R to L at the rear) Geordie Harcus (RH front) and Jim (Tiny) Leonard (LH front)
Added by Whassigo on 10 July 2007
Tommy Swanney is in front of geordie harcus
Added by Kirkwallian on 10 July 2007
Davy Bews is at the top left of the photo with Donald MacGruer behind him.
Added by B. Moar on 11 July 2007
David Wood is middle left
Added by Dave Marwick on 13 July 2007
Jock Russell (1921-2001) is wearing the beret.
Added by Michael Reid on 31 October 2007
Ronnie Cormack with the red tie.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 01 November 2007
ronnie cormack between davy bews and tommy swanney
Added by David Ross on 03 January 2012
The late Bob Tulloch back right.
Added by Barbara Johnston on 04 January 2012
Bob was very proud of the correct spelling of his surname Tullock ( blamed it on "the Westray" connections)
Added by David Tullock on 05 January 2012
Behind Geordie Harcus far right at the back looks like Rognvald Sabiston (Finstown)
Added by Ian S. Carter on 05 January 2012
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