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Longhope Wedding in the Y.M.
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Longhope Wedding in the Y.M.

This is my uncle Arnold's wedding, over the next ten years along came my cousins Elaine, George and Nigel Grieve. Poor JMF must have been fed up with the mess we used to make at the back of his shop. I hope someone can put names to the faces that I missed out.

Brides table
Illa Groat, Betty Grieve neé Groat, Arnold Grieve, Morris Groat, Rev. Simpson, my granny Catherine Grieve neé Lyon, J.M.F. Groat.
Going up the tables from the right:
Bert Grieve, Beryl & Mabel Gillespie, Vi & Robert Grieve, Dennis Grieve, Mervyn & David Gillespie, ? Lilla and George Tait, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Berry, ?????
Sitting at the wall is my granny Katherine Gillespie, Margaret Gillespie, Kathleen Gillespie, Winnie, Ian and Malcolm Robertson.
Left side of table:
Jimmy, Violet & Isobel Cooper, Marion Pirrie, Davina Wilson neé Gillespie, ?? Mr and Mrs Isaac Moar, ???? my grandad, Robert Gillespie looking at the camera and Jimmy Wilson. I think Toni and Daisy Robertson are in the background. Many a good supper they provided at the old Y.M. - cream cookies, date sandwiches etc.
Left table
? Nora & Stanley Thomson, ? ? ? J. Grieve, Alan Grieve and then I’m lost!

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Picture added on 17 June 2007
Does anyone have any more photos of Lilla & George Tait.....I am their great niece, who visited Longhope every year during the school holidays with my mother Sheena Young....We don't have any photos of her in her younger days, only from later years.....
Added by Melanie Young on 25 October 2007
hi i'm ross watt, grandson of kathleen gillespie..am doing family research of the munro's came from which i found out but dont know about the gillespie's..can ye help
Added by Ross Watt on 27 May 2008
I believe ould Robbie Gillespie came fae Sutherland to dig sheep drains on the Melsetter Estate, or he may have been a sheperd to the estate. He then moved to Rousay, or it might have been Wyre. They returned to Waas and took the farm of Garson.
Later sons Bob took on the Glebe, and Billy had Wateringhouse.

Ross, your great grandad fae the Glebe was as nice a man as I ever knew, and had great skills making of farm implements from wood and also was an expert at smiddy work.
(Bob O the Glebe) used to help me at ploughing matches when I was a young fellow he having been an expert plough man in his younger days.
If I can help with more info please call

Added by John Budge on 28 May 2008
Glad to see you on again John, I remember old Bob going to the peats with his motorbike and sidecar, as you said a good man. Jimmy Hamilton
Anonymous comment added on 29 May 2008
Jock Harrolds wife Mary, who lived at Midhouse in Brims, was a sister of Bobby and Bill. They moved to Blair Atholl when they retired, to be with their daughter Minna. They have a grandson( Minna's son) who still lives there.
I seem to recall that old Bob Gillespie was a coach driver for General Burroughs whilst he was in Rousay. Jock Harrold came from Wyre.

Added by Fred Johnston on 29 May 2008
Very intresting bit about ould Robby being a driver to Burroughs, Fred.

I mind big Billo, telling a story about some o the men fae the isle takan Burroughs grave stone an using it tae cover a brig on Rousay such was the bitterness towards the little General.
Added by John Budge on 30 May 2008
Complicated Ross as my mother and your granny were cousins on the Lyon side and they married brothers David and Bobby Gillepsie.
If you go to google and type in Robert Gillespie 1901 Rousay census you will find the family there. Your right John it says he was a shepherd.
Grandad o'the Glebe's age (Robert Gillepie Jnr)went with the year as he was born in 1900 and he died on Fri 13th Jan 1967. His mother was a Russell o'Cannigal and that is where some of the taller folk of the family got their gene that I seem to miss out on!
Grandad always had a good motor bike and a side car with canvas bits at the side to keep the wind off, dad used to say "he never got it into top gear". When we slept in one day for school he couldn't have made more noise if he had tried running us up the hill to South Walls and us trying to sneek in without being noticed to much!
Added by Beryl Simpson on 31 May 2008
Hi Ross,
Dad and me have a full history of the Gillespie side, Various birth/death certificates. Dad has a full family tree drawn up. Many Moons ago there is a story of Robert Gillespie the shepherd that came from Latheron. He went to work in Rousay and he got a Mary Sabiston pregnant, he then got a young Harcus lassie pregnant who worked on the same farm. Mary took Robert to court to claim the Gillespie name. We have the document stating this, she was very lucky to win his name as they were never married. Their son was also Robert Gillespie-hence the name Robert going down every generation since. This man dissapeared and we could find no trace of him for years. Eventually searching the web I found a man, Jim Yeoman in New Zealand who was searching for family of Roberts brother, James Gillespie- turned out that Robert had fled to New Zealand after getting the lassies pregnant!!. I emailed Jim and found out that Jim had no idea that Robert had any family, especially as far away as orkney. We recieved a copy of his death certificate. Sadly Robert died a batchelor and never knew of his grandchildren....grandad o the Glebe was one o them! If you would like copies o anything or to find out more feel free to get intouch with dad.
Added by Sarah Kirkness on 05 February 2009
Hi Beryl, I love hearing your stories about Grandad o the Glebe! Sadly i never met him or grandad Bobby. I would love to hear more if anyone has some more to tell!
Added by Sarah Kirkness on 05 February 2009
Sarah, your grandad was an ambulance driver and a paramedic in the war and was my Dads best pal. Mitther used to say if faither and Bob got a bit foo on a saterday night sometimes Bob got a bit tearfull. These guys got no support after they came home from conflict like what is offered today.
You know when your Grandad lived in Rousay the head teacher at the school recognised your grandad as the man who he had saved his life in the war, noo is that no a smaa world.
Added by John Budge on 08 February 2009
Very intresting Sarah, noo I think the man who was this baby by the Sabiston girl must hiv been the man I've heard referred to as owld Robbo Gillespie (Who was dead before my time) who would have been your Gr-Gr Grandad .I think his wife was a Russell, I think the same family as the Canigall Russell's. (My grandmother was a Sabiston so maybe whur related!!)
Added by John Budge on 09 February 2009
Never heard that before Sarah but I see it does says Mary Sabiston was unmarried in the 1901 census.

Old School Robert Gillespie Head M 32 Shepherd
Wilemina Gillespie Wife M 26
Mary Gillespie Daur 6
Robert Gillespie Son 2
Mary Sabiston Moth U 50 Former dressmkr.

Added by Beryl Simpson on 17 February 2009
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