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Primary 1 Intake
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Primary 1 Intake

I'm guessing that 1978 when I started school would have been the year Glaitness opened, because by the time my Primary 2 photo was taken, a good number of those faces were missing... I assume gone to Glaitness.

I could name a few of the folk in the photo, but it's more fun to let others have a go!

I'm at this (<---) end of the front row. I know the one teacher is Miss Fiddler, who became our headmistress soon afterwards, but who is the other teacher?
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Picture added on 14 June 2007
Could the other teacher be Lena Tullock?
Anonymous comment added on 15 June 2007
The second teacher is Morag Blance.
Added by Fiona Bain on 15 June 2007
I think it could be Mrs Blance
Added by B. Moar on 16 June 2007
The other teacher on the right hand side of the photo is Mrs Blance.
Added by Alli Kemp on 16 June 2007
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