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Holm Regatta 1988
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Holm Regatta 1988

Back row, Dave Cursiter, ?, Ian McKenzie, ? Ian Pole, Neil Burgess, Bertie Burgess, John Brown, ?
Front Row: ?, Davie Sabiston, Ian Rushbrook, Michael Swanney, Sheena Taylor, Kenny Johnstone.

Any ideas on some of the other names? Many thanks to Emma Thomson for the picture.
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Picture added on 07 October 2015 at 11:49
I think the 2nd query in the back row should be separated from Ian Pole by a comma. It's Ian right enough. I'll submit a recent photo of this big, charming Shetlander.
Added by Ian Hourston on 07 October 2015
front row left is Peter Tait
Anonymous comment added on 23 October 2015
Think the big fella next to Ian Pole is Ian Rushbrooks' crewman.I think he is an Aussie maybe works/worked at OIC?
Added by Duncan Macnair on 27 October 2015
Back row far left after John Brown is Ben Yates/Yeats
Added by Gordon Hill on 29 October 2015
This photo is from 1992 when Ian Rushbrook won the Allcomers sailing a 505 with Alistair Holmes as crew. Back row: Dave Cusiter, ?, Ian McKenzie, ?, Ian Pole, Neil Burgess, Bertie Burgess, John Brown, Ben Yates.
Front Row: Peter Tait, Davie Sabiston, Ian Rushbrook, Michael Swanney, Sheena Taylor, Kenny Johnstone.
Added by Andrew Leslie on 29 November 2015
Alistair Holmes 4th from left in back row
Added by Dave Rendall on 10 December 2015
Back Row: David Cursiter, Harry Hughes (winner of yachts allcomers in Amaryllis), Ian MacKenzie (winner of yachts trophy in Stardust), Alistair Holmes (Ian Rushbrook's crew), Ian Pole (winner of Other boats sailing a Laser), Neil Burgess, Bertie Burgess (Neil and Bertie sailed Abra, another 505), John Brown (winner of Snipes trophy) and Ben Yates.

Front Row: Peter Tait (winner of cats trophy in Spindrift), David Sabiston (winner of 505 trophy, Sunburst), Ian Rushbrook (winner of allcomers in 505), Mick Swanney (David Sabiston's crew), Sheena Taylor (sailed Eynhallow, Wayfarer) and Kenny Johnston (winner of Holm Points sailing Kontiki).

It's an interesting photo, at the time the 505 class and cats were both quite strong in Orkney but the sailing was still dominated by Snipes. There were lots of Taits sailing catamarans at the time with Peter (Spindrift), Billy and Charles (Samoa).
Added by Andrew Leslie on 16 December 2015
I think it was 1992, as that was the year I studied at ICIT... great sailing with John Brown, Davy Harcus & Helen Beveridge (thanks for recognizing me Gordon)
Added by Ben Yeats on 08 January 2016
Hi Ben. Yes great times sailing with Stromness Sailing Club. In background you can see Capt. Fred, Harvey Dunnet plus others and me in the shades and beard with less waist than I have now. "Some trained monkeys did well there"
Added by Gordon Hill on 19 January 2016
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