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Another Mystery object
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Another Mystery object

A bag o' tatties for anyone who can identify where this is and a bag o' jeelybabbies for anyone who knows what it is,cos I don't,but I have an idea of what it was used for....
Picture added on 31 March 2007
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Pierowall Westray maybe.
Added by Caroline Wood on 02 April 2007
Mibby a daft suggestion but I wid guess that this is from the war time and came out of a wooden army hut. I think they wre used as a base for a stove to stand on. I mind seeing several of a similar type at Lamb Holm. No idea where this one is.
Added by Hugh Drever on 02 April 2007
It's certainly wartime.
It's in the West Mainland.
I thought it might have been a surround for a coat-of-arms, but I like the stove base idea better....
Added by Richard Gorn on 03 April 2007
How do you Know its wartime? Whar aboot in the west mainland is it? Is it some kind o direction thingymajig.
Added by Whistler on 08 April 2007
Its at the old tower at Twatt airfield, lying outside on the mound that the tower is built on.
Added by TB on 25 August 2007
I have wan o them ootside me shop in shapinsay. They wur bases fur bogey stoves in widden huts in the war time. My een came fae the battery at waltness in shapinsay. It's now used as a bird feeder.
Added by Neil Sinclair on 09 March 2008
Bingo, Thanks Neil!
Still waiting fir me jeelybabbies.
Added by Hugh Drever on 24 March 2008
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Mystery places or things or people

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