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Washing eggs at Appiehouse
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Washing eggs at Appiehouse

A picture of my Grandmother washing the eggs. the date on the picture is 1951. This picture was taken in the kitchen of Appiehouse and I think appeared in National Geographic. Notice the flag floor. I used to use the gaps between the flags as roads for my cars
Picture added on 14 January 2013 at 19:44
What an interesting photo. I think the only thing that hasn't changed over the years is "The Orcadian" calendar!
Added by Kathleen Keldie on 15 January 2013
No shortage of good old free range eggs in them days
Added by George Scollay on 15 January 2013
Fantastic picture, has to be one of the best I have seen on this site :)
Anonymous comment added on 15 January 2013
There are a lot of interesting things to note in this room.The whitewashed wall, the old girnel for the flour and oatmeal,the spinning wheel and the old dresser with the cups hanging on it.I think the picture was taken by a professional Nat Geo photographer. I think there is a copy of that volume somewhere about yet.
Added by W Watters on 16 January 2013
Superb photo indeed despite the limitations of low resolution. Do tell us about its getting into the National Geographic - there must be a story there.

Incidentally, the Orkney Egg Producers (OEP) stencil on the end of the crate was designed by my brother Rognvald while still at school. My father was OEP company secretary at the time.
Added by Ian Hourston on 16 January 2013
It was copied from a VERY small print about one and a half inches square
Added by W Watters on 20 January 2013
I love the Orkney chair. Someone will have inherited that!

Added by Nancy Gemmell on 26 January 2013
I think it fell to bits
Added by W Watters on 29 January 2013
I was born on the seventh of November- Pity the calender doesnt have the day marked!(7.11.1951!)
Added by Alfred Hutchison on 02 November 2013
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