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Inganess Bay
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Inganess Bay

One of the lesser known Dennison Boats discharging at the old St Ola pier in Stromness
Picture added on 28 March 2007
Vessel was operated by Capt Bill Dennison better known for "Elwick Bay" who was an ex RN Officer brother of the late Capt Robin Dennison who had a seperate Coaster company which continued till the mid 90s. For a short period in mid 70s, she operated a regular general cargo service from Montrose to Kirkwall and Scalloway.
Tommy Harcus from Finstown was Skipper on her around that time. There was also a rival service from Grangemouth to Stromness & Lerwick operated by Hull based EWL presumably hoping to take advantage of the start of Oil related traffic.

The reference to the old "Ola" pier relates to when the steam "St Ola" was in service pre 1951 it was better known as the Warehouse Pier and having been partly a wooden structure in a state of decay it had a major upgrade around 1967 or 68 when the part shown in the picture was sheet-piled partly funded by White Fish Authority grants. The crane was an elderly Coles purchased by Stromness Harbour Trust largely to speed the discharge of grain for Mr Rowan's Fursbreck Mill which produced animal Feed where the Co-op and Orkney Oatcakes now stand.
Added by W Mackay on 23 January 2008
The same Bill Dennison was in the spotting top of HMS Barham when she was torpedoed in the Med. She blew up with a massive explosion, which is often shown on TV when any ship has blown up. He was VERY lucky to survive.
Added by William Watters on 23 January 2008
I believe that this Bill Dennison was my great uncle, as my great aunt, Margaret (known as Pearl) Ramage married a Capt. William Dennison and had two sons, William and Robert. I understand that the widow of one of the two sons is still alive, so if anyone has any information on her, please let me know. Thanks!
Added by Heather Bird on 03 October 2011
I meant to add that my great auntie Pearl was the younger sister of my grandfather, the Rev. George Granville Ramage, who was the Minister on Stronsay between 1932 and 1947.
Added by Heather Bird on 03 October 2011
Check www.bvidiving.com Inganess Bay sunk in the British Virgin Islands in 1996 as an artificial reef.
Added by John Phillips on 24 January 2014
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