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Can anyone help with these two photos please? I found them addressed to my dad, William Jolly, 23 Bridge Street, Kirkwall in an "On her Majesty's Service" brown envelope. No date.
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Picture added on 21 October 2012 at 20:48
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could it be Longhope Lifeboat mens funeral in 1969
Added by Billy Sclater on 22 October 2012
Funerals of the Longhope Lifeboat Crew - 1969
Added by Ann Sutherland on 22 October 2012
March 1969 - It's the funeral service of the Longhope Lifeboat men at Walls Old Parish Cuurch and the Cemetery at Osmond Walls (known as Ousna to the local folk) It was a bright breezy day and the weather for the next month was really good after that terrible night when the Longhope lifeboat TGB capsized on March 17, 1969.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 22 October 2012
The policeman behind the lorry was the late PC Ian Williamson our bobby at that very sad and trying time here in Hoy.
Ian handelled the situation with firmness and compasion to all and took no nonsence from the press who were in the Island for weeks and years after this very sad time.
It was said at Ian's funeral that he never bought a tabloid news paper from that time untill the day he died such was his dislike of the press and some of there tactics prying into peoples emotions.
Added by John Budge on 27 October 2012
A very sad occasion. Further about that lifeboat - I met an Irishman who came from the village where that boat was sent after its recovery. He said that the People were not sure about going in it.
This meeting happened in Lancashire a couple of years ago.
Added by Ian Carter on 10 December 2012
Yes Ian The T.G.B was sent to Arranmore Island. I don't think it was right to put such a boat back into service, no other lifeboat was ever put back to a station after such loss of life indeed some were burnt on the shore near where they lay.

A man from Longhope Mr Norland Robertson was an engineering inspector with the RNLI in Ireland at that time and he said the people at "Aranmore" did not like the feel of having that boat after what happened.

Norland said he got a call to Burtonport on the mainland, the lifeboat had returned from a heavy weather service and said they were not leaving as there was screaming coming from below the boat!

Norland said indeed she was making a fearfull sound,on investigation he found one of the drip trays under the tail shaft had come up and was catching the prop shaft and indeed it was like a scream, the men were spooked.

Not long after T.G.B was withdrawn from Aranmore. I have met some who served on her and no they did not like the idea very much. I don't blame them.
Added by John Budge on 18 December 2012
I saw the old T>G>B lifeboat in the boat place down at Girvan west of Glasgow. She was on show there about the 1990's. I remember it left a sad feeling seeing it sitting there, not nice should never have been put up on show. I often wonder where she is now?
Added by Jessie Mowat nee Sutherland on 19 December 2012
It wid been Irvine you saw her Jessie, She's still there , but inside a big building for a good few years.. I live nearby and have a wee look at her from time to time, always brings a tear still..

Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 24 December 2012
I made a mistake in saying it was Irvine not Girvan where I saw the old lifeboat T.G.B from Longhope. It's a Boat Martine Mus. full of a lot of old sad boats I seem to remember.Have old photos somewhere.
Added by Jessie Mowat nee' sutherland on 25 December 2012
Hello Jimmy, Yes it was Alex Stephen who took us there , we used to stay with Alex's folk in Kilbarcan, across from the Weaver's cottage. Haven't been back since they passed away. Miss them as they had great memories of Lyness and the folks.
Added by Jessie Mowat nee' sutherland on 24 January 2013
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