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Mystery prizewinners
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Mystery prizewinners

A group of unknown Orkney (County Show?) prizewinners from 1950 or so.
Another of Edwin's old photos (although the bag it was in was marked "Unknown photos") On the back it says only "Gerald when he was a pretty bright-eyed boy"!

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Picture added on 22 March 2012 at 14:21
I think this is a group of prize winners of the Cage Bird Soc. Middle row 2nd left is Gerald Eccles. Front row 1st left is John Sclater (draper).The man in the middle, behind the large cup, looks like a Corsie.
Added by John O. Corse on 22 March 2012
This one's been on the go previously Jim.
With the help of Steven I think that this was the Orkney/Kirkwall Cage Bird Society,and it may even have been before 1950.
Added by Peter Burges on 22 March 2012
I suspect it is to do with cage birds. There are several well-kent exhibitors in the picture.
Added by M M Kemp on 22 March 2012
Sure I have seen this picture not long ago, could it be the Orkney Cage Bird Society and the Gerald might be Gerald Eccles.
Added by Duncan Tullock on 22 March 2012
It's definitely the Orkney Cage Bird Society and I think the photo is from before WWII.
The Gerald may be Gerald Eccles who is second from the left in the middle row.
Added by Bruce Moar on 22 March 2012
I suspect that may refer to Gerald Eccles in the middle row, 2nd from left. Next to him is Jimmy Cooper and 2nd from right on the same row is Boyo Norquay.
Added by Fred Grieve on 22 March 2012
This is the Orkney Cage Bird Society in the late 1930's. The photo is on page 163 of the Orcadian Book of the 20th Century Vol 2. Back row from left J Cromarty, J Linklater, D Stout, D Linklater, G Groat, C Stout, S Cheyne. Middle row: J McEwen, G Eccles, J Cooper, B Harold, R Cromarty,J Herdsman, J Norquoy, W Reid. Front: J Sclater, H Christie, W Bruce, and Provost J G Marwick of Stromness.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 22 March 2012
Orknry cage bird trophies ? Gerald Eccles middle row 2nd left.
Added by Bob Kelday on 22 March 2012
This could be a Cage Birds Show Winners Photo on the front left is J.Slater,middle row 2 left Gerald Eccles middle above top cup Bob Harrold and 3in from right J.Herdman(painter)they were canary breeders.It looks as if it was xmas time with the decorations at the back and that was the usual show time.
Added by J.W on 23 March 2012
Christmas decoration hanging on the wall. Could this be The Cage Birds Show winners?
Added by David Tullock on 23 March 2012
An early Cage Bird Show photo, Gerald Eccles second from left in the middle row.
Added by Herbert Mackenzie on 23 March 2012
Now I know, many thanks. I haven't got the 2nd volume of the Orcadian book of the 20th Century yet.
Added by Jim Eunson on 23 March 2012
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