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An old postcard of Longhope
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An old postcard of Longhope

An old postcard of Longhope and the date ia a guess but it would be the in the 1960's still telegraph poles and I don't see Thistledeens peedie engine shed so when did they get their first TV I wonder?
Picture added on 12 March 2012 at 13:56
Sammy Doull's boat "Hazel" is visible on the shore, anyone Know the year it was sold ?
Added by Stewart Taylor on 12 March 2012
Stooks at the Watering Hoose too! You don't see them very often anymore.
Added by Lee T on 13 March 2012
should that no be screws Lee, or are the Stooks under the snow...... lol
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 15 March 2012
"Noo then Noo then. "This is something I might be able tae work oot!!.
We now live in the house in the centre of this photo and we have been doing work on the west end of the house and on some of the wood was the date 1959 so that means that as the west end is still the old low bit of the house at the time of Beryl's photo it must be prior to 1959 .( Pheew!!.)
Added by John Budge on 16 March 2012
I call them the posh word Hay Stacks :-) Sometimes Billy made a good job of a couple and then went all to pot with the next and it would be all hanging to the side. He always said nobody could through up the stooks like my mum she must have just done it at the right pace.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 18 March 2012
Surely they're neither stooks nor haystacks. Jimmy's right - they're oat (or possibly bere) screws.
Gregor Lamb uses the spelling 'skroos' in his Wordbook, but I feel this makes no difference to the pronunciation while tending to obscure the reference to the spiral way the sheaves are built.
Added by Ian Hourston on 18 March 2012
looks like screws tae me! Don't know when Thistledene got tv, but I see the shed at the bottom o their roads still there, so when did hid come doon.
Added by Pauline Duncan on 13 April 2012
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