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Varagen back from refit with a new look,9/3/12.
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Picture added on 10 March 2012 at 14:37
OMG. I am sure it is practical but it would not win a beauty competition.
Anonymous comment added on 10 March 2012
Is it no great wit thu can da we twa three bits o the old tesco/safeway roof.

[Now now chaps, the peedie spoot at the bottom is a thing of joy - Steven]
Added by Graham Mackie on 10 March 2012
Weel yae widna git planing consent for such a ruckle o tin on the land!!,what is it for, is it tae conserve heat so the passengers can warm them selves by the funnel!!.
Added by John Budge on 11 March 2012
that's an embarrassment. looks a very amateur "quick! we need to do something." kind of effort. aside from the aesthetic displeasure, i imagine that will only make her more difficult to handle in the wind. that's a lot of additional surface area for a good breeze to puff on!
Added by Craig on 11 March 2012
It looks a bit like a sail, so hopefully it will go faster....
Added by Malcolm Scott on 11 March 2012
Iam surprised that sooth isles folk dont ken what this is.Any body in the north isles can tell you its a stair for wheel chairs. Is it any wonder we laugh behind the backs of the directors of OF
Added by Jim Cooper on 11 March 2012
I saw this "ruckle o Tin" today, when the Varagen was at Eday Pier and I can say that Tommy's picture makes it look a lot better than it actually is.
Added by Malcolm Scott on 12 March 2012
Early Aprill fool ??
Added by Michael Thomson on 12 March 2012
Jeeso that is horrendous. I wonder how many office man hours were spent deciding on that eyesore?
Added by Peter Griffin on 13 March 2012
Easy to criticise I know but at least OF has tried to comply with Access regs for disabled and I for one wouldn't like to be in their shoes with very limited budget, elderly ships and regulations that were not heard of in 1989 when she and the "Earls" were being planned.
Added by Willie Mackay on 23 March 2012
I take it there's a chair-lift or some such inside it?
Added by Ian Hourston on 23 March 2012
If it is a lift - well done, and aboot time. But architecturally terrible. Too little, too late. These vessels are past their sell by date.
Added by Sandy on 25 March 2012
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