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Garrison Theatre, Hoy
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Garrison Theatre, Hoy

The Garrison Theatre before the Budge's made it into a house. My dad said Yehudi Menuhin played there in the war.

[Beryl, can you scan these at higher resolution, say 150 or 200 dpi, so they are bigger? John Budge can show you how! Cheers, Steven]
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Picture added on 03 February 2012 at 09:42
May I second your request, Steven? You have to start somewhere Beryl; with any luck you'll soon be submitting Camera Results And Pictures like the rest of us.
Added by Ian Hourston on 03 February 2012
It's photos that I received by email from Charles Corbett and he said I could add them to this site, think they were originally quite small photo's and I made them a bit larger with InfraView.

Added by Beryl Simpson on 03 February 2012
Bue-bue Steven little diz thou ken, Beryl wiz aye a lot smerter thin me, and although wae sat fornent ane anither in school shae wiz a lot brighter than iver I wiz.

"Resolution" indeed, hid means naithin ataal tae me yae "gaapas".

[I'm sure I mind a conversation we had on similar lines John! - Steven]
Added by John Budge on 03 February 2012
The picture does however have a 'water colour' effect about it though.
Added by Neil Johnstone on 23 February 2013
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